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Holy Moly weather.. I think I’m in love with you:)

It’s truly amazing what a little exercise can do for you. I really wish there was some way for me to make others realize this! I went to this new boot camp I signed up for this morning. It was a groupon – so incase I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have wasted too much money. Problem is I LIKE it. I have one month to go to as many classes as I want. Then I better get the check book out. I’m going to see what I get out of it first. The prices are pretty steep! Today was just an orientation and a basic mini class. My heart was pumping towards the end. It goes to show how far I let myself go. I have my week lined with classes, some AM some PM. I have lots of weddings to attend in the upcoming months. I will not be fat! So there.

After class I took Remi for a HUGE walk.

We normally go to this park. It’s a 1/4 of a mile loop. Remi hasn’t been able to walk the whole thing in months. Well today he did. He walked the whole way with no help from me. See. We are both improving:) Just made a huge broccoli & onion omelet! Now off to tackle this house, before heading to a web-site meeting!! Um.. I’m on to a new challenge. LOL


It is taking all my effort not to get up and march right back to the kitchen and get myself a handful of Lindt Chocolate Truffles. Argh. I can feel my stomach protruding and yes right over my jeans! I can feel the back of my neck tightening up and my back in general start to hurt. NO MORE LINDT. So I’m here, in my little piece of the internet to write. I’ve been keeping up with my bloggers, even thought I may not have been here lately. I’m sad to see some go and really happy for others continuing on their journeys! Jenn from is getting ready for some skin removal sugary tomorrow. I am soooo very excited for her. She lives out in MN and I often find myself going to her blog. I feel like she is real and has come from a place similar to mine. She didn’t have 15 or 20 pounds to lose, but she lost 150 pounds. Purely amazing:) My goal (to reach at some point) is to lose 100 pounds. Now, I know a number is just a number and it depends on how you feel blah, blah, blah. But that number is very important to me!

Wow, I feel slightly better and the urge to head to the kitchen is SLIGHTLY gone. More typing shall a cure. So I haven’t really updated this blog in a week and a half. I’m sorry. Each day I see, say or taste something that I know would be wonderful on here. It’s finding the time to get it out on the web that is tricky! So I will do a brief update NOW.

1. I may or my not have a new cat. – The neighbors packed up their 2 cars and moved to FL. They left their cat. My landlords told me his name is Smokey. I’m really not sure what to do about Smokey. I’m not really a cat person, but he is awfully cute and fun to have around. I have yet to let him inside though. I feed him in the morning and at night and he currently sleeps on my landlords porch. I so just want to adopt him and take him in. I’m not really sure what is holding me back. I suppose it’s the extra $$$ that might be causing this delayed reaction.

Smokey doesn’t take the best pics yet!!

2. It was Remi’s 12th birthday on November 16th! My baby is getting BIG.. LOL.

3. I ran over the bridge! – This past Sunday, was the Newport Pell Bridge Run. I did it! It was a total of 4 miles and it felt great. I had a mini-enlightment in the middle of the run.. tears and all:) It was a wonderful feeling!

It was  a GREAT day! I keep reliving the run over and over again and it went by sooooo quick! I have the racing bug again I just want to sign up for them all. LOL. Don’t worry I’m not. But I do have my sights set on 2, one is a santa run, the other run is up in ME near some friends. We shall see:)

5. The November birthdays were celebrated.

Brian, Me, Ryan and Heather. I miss my NPT friends soooo much.

Well. So far so good. No truffle. And just committed myself to a 7pm boxing class.

Now.. to figure out InDesign before I throw my whole computer out the window… or perhaps at someones head!

Happy Friday everyone!

So. My efforts to get to the gym yesterday disappeared as soon as I left the office. I didn’t pack a bag, so I had to go home and get changed. I opened the door and walked into my dog. Sitting there. Looking very sad. Probably thinking.. why have you left me for the past 8 hours?!?! I feed him and thought long and hard about the decision at hand. Either a) leave Remi alone AGAIN or b) take him for a long walk. I’ll let you guess which won!! Remi and I went for a loop around Riverwalk. Boy did he love it. He can’t see at all now. (He can only sense if the lights are turned on and off!) So he walks like he pounded a few back. He held his head high. His tail is wagging and he loves every second of it until we hit the steps. I naturally slowed  him down when we near them. I was originally picking him up every time he had to go down or up (and still do if there are a lot of people around.. I can just hear in theirs heads, ‘what is this girl doing picking up her dog for stairs? what  wussy dog?’.) Anyway, I slowing nudge Remi to the steps. And you now what? One by one he went down. At each step he stop, put his paw out a bit to feel there was an edge or safe to continue walking normally. When we reached the bottom I precisely scooped him up and repeated ‘Good Boy Remi’ over and over. All he needed was a bit of a nudge. Sometimes in life each one of us needs that bit of a nudge. Either from a friend, family member, boyfriend… who ever. Life can be scary at times… even if it’s just a blind dog walking down some steps!!

So after that little life lesson, I came home and decided perhaps a healthy dinner should be had. (I also had to some what clean out the fridge.. shhh don’t tell!!)

A spinach, mushroom and onion mix with mole spice.. topped with 2 eggs and a side of green beans. Healthy right?!? Well after this wonderful dinner I wanted more. Yup more. So what else is there to do that whip up a batch of cookies. I wanted peanut butter cookies. More than the 3 ingredient cookies. Less than the 12 ingredient 12,000 calories cookies. I did a little research and boom. I found the perfect recipe!

HEALTHY Peanut Butter Cookies 

Don’t get scared. They are a bit different!

Things needed:

  • 1/3 peanut butter
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tbsp sugar-free maple syrup (I used lite!)
  • 2 tbsp soymilk (I used almond)
  • 1/3 cup raisins
  • 1/4 cup flour – Um. I forgot this. Woops.
  • 2 1/2 cups oats
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

Oven is at 350. Mix everything. Drop 1 1/2 tbsp of dough. Gently press flat (forgot that too! I must start reading ALL the directions!) Bake for 13-15 minutes!

So I missed a few things but they still came out great!

I now understand why the are so round. Some flattening would have worked:)

Some news on the husband hunt. LOL. That sounds bad. How about boyfriend binge? Nope even worse. Let’s just say I have another date with someone new. I need to start giving these guys nicknames. I feel like I read a profile like a resume! Haha. Probably not a good thing, but there are some things I just can’t over look. Education being one of them. Also, family. When a guy won’t talk about his family… this is red flag #1! So we shall see what happens.

And on that note… Have a fabulous weekend!


PS- Wish these damn cake balls weren’t so good from Starbucks. Starbucks you stink. LOL

Hola. How goes it? Day 2 of my knitting weekend and I have yet to pick up needles. LOL. Love it! Today was a great day full of beach time, shopping, eating and napping:)

Remi met a new friend today at breakfast. Meet Gracie. She is the newest member of the Gabriel Family. Every year we stay at the same small inn, so we have become quite friendly with the owners.

Yummy B-Fast!

After breakfast we headed to the Atlantic Spice Company. This place is great.. you can get 1 pound of cinnamon for $4 bucks. Sign me up. I was also able to find some hard to find spices. I’ve seen quite a few recipes calling for some indian masalas I could never find at home.

I’m really excited to start cooking some more once I return home.

It was finally BEACH TIME:) Remi had a blast at the beach. It was really cold, but that didn’t stop him. I think his sense of smell has been developing even more since his blindness. Needless to say, sniffing consistently at the beach ended Remi with a very sandy nose!

Picture Perfect.

Enjoying the wind.

Hanging with Mom.

In love with the Beach.

After a very long nap, some shopping, and another bubble bath… (this time with wild ginger sea salts and a Oprah Magazine)..

…it was time for dinner.

Dinner. No words needed.

On the walk home, we got to enjoy the beautiful sight of the P-town tower lit up. What a beauty!

Time to chill in front of the fireplace.. Remi really loves it here.. perhaps we won’t come back!

No outdoor running today.. however there was quite a long jog on the beach! Knitting class officially starts tomorrow. Let’s see if I remember how to knit!

Goodnight all:)


I find it extremely hard to travel and eat healthy. Sometimes you are just forced into different situations and there is nothing to do about it. I packed up my ‘healthy’ food last night and THOUGHT I was good to go.

Honey Dew Melon, grapes and blueberries cut up and ready to go.

Honey Dew VS Grapefruit (Side note: worst grapefruit I have ever taste!)

I also brought un-pictured almonds, beefy jerky, baby tomatoes and dried cranberries!

The day start off strong with a 6 am Bikram Yoga class.

Holy Crap. Forgot how hard yoga was. Here I am saying I can do anything, but yoga is nothing like cardio! I was a dripping mess by the end. At the end of class the teacher always bows and says Namaste. But I had no idea what that really meant until changing when I saw this sign…

Learn something new everyday I tell you!

A while later it was time to hit the road. My Mom and I are on a ‘knitting’ weekend. Really… she knits… I bring tons of books and enjoy the time to relax and hang with Remi.

We stopped in Mystic for food and  I found these babies.

So Yummy and made one town over from me in Connecticut. It’s a small world.

(Talking about small world… last night I forced myself to go to an unknown kickboxing class. I thought I would know no one and it would be miserable. I walked in and was gladly greeted by two ladies I knew from KnockOut. It was great to see them there. Then at the end of class we were chatting with the instructor and come to find out.. she used to baby-sit me. IT’S A SMALL WORLD!)

OK.. Sorry back to the regular scheduled post!

Lunch consisted of 1/2 a grilled cheese.

But Not just any grilled cheese. But a grilled apple, chicken and cheddar cheese sandwich. Plus a regular apple. Probably not the healthiest lunch.. but a tasty one!

I shy spring time! Yippee… my favorite.

Plus a flying dog…

Remi loves his new sling.

We went to visit my Mom’s friend for dinner. Lobster roll and coleslaw.

PLUS… Yummy chowder!! a cute little tea cup:)

Coconut Macaroons for dessert… sign me up!

It’s Day 1 of this 4 day journey!! I’m feeling pretty good so far. I’m about to jump in the bubble jacuzzi and watch some TV. And Yes.. and I do the same at one… there is a TV in the bathroom… I love this place:)

Today was a great day. Tomorrow is looking good too!! Lots to do…. maybe even a bit of outdoor running:)

Goodnight my friends.


How to you combat the travel munchies?

(I started writing this on April 8th! Who knew it would take me 4 days to finish it?!?!)

So. I’ve decided that I’m going to try to stay away from alcohol at all costs for as long as I can. I have come to realization that… one drink 99.9% of the time turns into multiple drinks. THIS MUST STOP. I’m kicking this in the butt before it gets out of control. So. Today. April 8th. I start my count. Now this may a bit of a challenge. A REAL challenge at times. What does a 27-year-old do for fun with friends? Go out for a drink.. right? I’m going to have to come up with a strategy to combat the drinking part. Seltzer with a dash of cran hold the blueberry stoli… PLEASE!

So tonight is my first official test. I’m meeting a friend for dinner and I’m already bracing myself for the seltzer with lemon I’ll be ordering.

On a different note, I’ve been trying to deal with the blindness of Remi the best way I can. I have always been told to turn towards books and now the internet for information when learning about something new.. the good, the bad and the ugly. I was chatting with a friend a few days ago and she mentioned The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel, by Garth Stein. Apparently it’s a book written from the view of a sickly dog. I’ve read the 1st few chapters and I don’t want to put in down. I haven’t read an entire book in months, so I’m super excited to finally read (and hopefully finish) this book!

Hello amazon. I have never been an amazon kind of person. I’m normally the support the small hometown bookstore, but the prices on amazon are unbelievable. I got 3 books, 2 hard cover and 1 soft for the price one 1 hard cover!

I’ve waiting a while to purchase Clean Food. Since the CSA (cropshare) is going to start (somewhat) soon, I figured it would be great to stock up on veggie recipes. I WILL NOT get sick of zucchini this summer 🙂 And oh Jillian.. I couldn’t resist!!

Last night, I changed my sheets, grabbed The Art of Racing in the Rain and Remi, and had a cuddle reading fest all before 9:30! It was just what I needed. I LOVE  this boy!

(what happened to my iphone picture quality.. eek!?!?)

Well… back to the grind. Excited for tonight. I’ll keep you posted on the alcohol in take!


Happy Monday Morning!

This weekend flew by. It’s hard to grasp the fact that it is already monday morning. When glancing at the calendar, this week is going to be one for the books. I’m hoping I can get all my workouts in, although it’s looking like it will be a daunting task and at the  moment it doesn’t look to promising.

This weekend was filled with family and friends. My 2nd cousin is here from India, he is also runs part of the family business back in India. So there has been lots of work and a bit of socializing taking place these past few weeks. There was lots of cooking, and a bit too much drinking. In fact, I ended up skipping a morning flex edge class due to the fact of too many drinks and not enough sleep. I ended up going on later in the day to a Fitness 101 at the gym. It’s part of the revolution series. It was a good class, although I think it could have been better if I had a few more hours of sleep. Oh, and this whole Paleo diet….. well… I threw that one right out of the window. It just isn’t realistic. AT ALL. In the end, I completely felt deprived of some of my favorite foods, and then ended up eating more than I should. I’m off the diet and back to living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle. And yes… I think it’s ok to eat oatmeal for breakfast once in a while and perhaps have a bit of cheese every now and again. See ya Paleo diet.

In other news, Remi is getting worse. I think his sight is almost completely gone. It is the sadness thing ever to watch. He has that glazed over stare. I will be talking to him and he will be looking in the opposite direction. If you have a pet, love them with all your heart!! I always knew the life span of a dog… but dealing first hand with a sick dog… puts everything into perspective. I think it also kind of softens your heart. All I want to do, all day long.. it hold Remi. His hearing isn’t 100% either, so he can’t see and can’t hear that well. Therefore, he only knows I’m there when I’m touching him. It gets a bit tricky to do things around the house while holding a dog.  Plus, we are headed on a mini-vaca soon, where Remi comes every year. He won’t be able to navigate the sidewalks so I splurged and bought Remi a sling.

I know. But I just had too! Can’t wait till it arrives:) At least Remi will be carried around in style!

Happy Monday!


Whoa. Where on earth did the weekend go?!?!?

Super quick recap of the weekend.

Friday night I tried out a new kickboxing place in Devon. Patty (my gym buddy) told me about it. She went there before the current gym we belong to now, and loved it. She was definitely correct…. it was a GREAT workout. I LOVED IT! I can’t wait to go back.

Saturday morning was back to back kickboxing and zumba. It’s amazing to me the workout you can get while zumba-ing 🙂 I finally saw Diane (my old KnockOut instructor) which was great! Boy do I miss her. It was great to finally get a ‘Diane’ workout in. Saturday afternoon I spent celebrating my Aunt’s 86th birthday. After realizing she was turning 86, I went around the room asking ages (I know.. something I shouldn’t do), and then learned my other Aunt is turning 80 next month. When did everyone get soooo old? I remember when these people would come over and play on the floor with me, then the years they would take me out and get ice cream, and all the years of graduations and dance recitals they attended. It’s sad to think that someday these people will no longer be with us. Which is why it makes it, that much more important to seize each and everyday 🙂

Happy 86th Birthday Auntie Angie! Ps- Di Mare Pastry Shop.. best in Stamford!

Angie is short for Angelina which means angel. (However I just googled Angelina and come to find out it means messenger in most cases and Angelic in one! We will let my Aunt think it means Angel:)) So years and years ago Angie’s sister gave her these 2 musical pieces they play happy birthday.


The tradition states that EVERY year, when Angie celebrates her birthday these are to be played. It was great to hear stories and share time with everyone there!

Every time we are in Stamford, we have to stop at my favorite store. Look what I finally found!

I was like a kid in a candy shop and I finally found some black capri workout pants that don’t fall down while doing jumping jacks 🙂 Score!

Sunday was Flex Edge and CLEANING DAY!

Remi had a bit of ‘office’ work to do too!

I can finally say I think I’m back in the groove with exercising. I have put the past behind me and I have moved on. I have found some great new instructors, new classes and I like to think a new outlook on the whole situation! Sometimes there are good things that come out of not so pleasant things! Now if only I could fit it ALL the classes I want to take!

(Thank god for Banana Nut Bread Latte’s. I think that is the only think to get me through the afternoon.. this time switch thing is killing me 😉 )

Happy Monday!


Ah. Friday afternoon. I LOVE Friday afternoons. Although not as much as Saturday mornings 😉 (Counting down the hours till kickboxing with Diane!!!)

Last night I meet up with a friend for dinner and drinks. I’ve been trying to meet up with this girl since I moved back here last May. Well almost 10 months later, we finally made a plan 🙂 We went to this great little restaurant/bar right up the street from me. Boy was I craving a nice cold beer. After dinner and a few drinks I checked my watch and 4.5 went by! WHO DOES THAT? Who talks for 4.5 hours?!?! Apparently we had alot to say to each other. I could have kept talking and talking, but it was getting late and we both had to work today. Booo. (Sadly I didn’t take a photos.. but we had nachos and then I had an Arugula & Pear Salad w/ gorgonzola cheese, caramelized walnuts and lemon poppy-seed vinaigrette. The vinaigrette was amazing and now I’m on a search to figure out how to make it!)

Once I got home I really wanted one more drink.. you know.. to top of the night! I made one and while cleaning up all my scrapbooking stuff I came across this sheet of stickers.

Yes I know I’m not running a marathon.. but some of this sayings are really inspirational!

I thought, I need to see these sayings and words more than once a year when I take all this stuff out! So guess what I did? I went on a sticker spree, placing them on ever mirror I could!

I think the drinks might have helped with this.. but it was great fun reading through all of them this morning once again 🙂

I was reading my daily blogs late last night and came across a star! Check it out.. Remi was on Carrots N’ Cake! Thanks Tina!!

Back to work I go!! I must admit I’m looking forward to going home and re-reading the quotes I put on my mirrors… so much fun.. you should try it too:)

Happy Friday!



What a relaxing weekend. I’m going to be brief and explain in photos.

It started with a Chocolate Monkey – Dark Creme de Cacao, Crem de Banana, fresh banana, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream. Topped with whipped cream and fresh banana. From the Red Parrot. (No calories counted for this one.. wink wink!)

It was a Monkey kind of weekend. This was a HUGE mug of coffee at my favorite breakfast place. It was wonderful after dancing the night away with old friends. I forgot what a workout dancing is… I actually woke up sore!

Newport was picture perfect. Oh… how I miss it here:(

We even woke up to snow one day!

Which meant warm yummy banana whipped oats! (Made in  Le Curset pot! We stayed at the home of a family I used to work for. Let me tell you.. they have my DREAM kitchen!)

 1 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 cup milk + 1 sliced banana. Leave for 5 mintues or until cooked. Then whip with a whisk. The banana disappears and the oats are soft and creamy! (taken from KathEatsRealFood)


Nutella, P&B and ground flax! Check out this bowl. LOVE IT! Hehehe.

Back to bed with this guy!

Then a visit with my girls! Look they can write their names now!

And lastly a brillant night of zumba! Sadly I didn’t take a photo last night! But I dug this one up from last summer! This lady ROCKS!

I was soooo excited to see her and finally be able to take another class! Think a 2.5 hour drive on Monday nights is tooo long for a zumba class?!?! LOL.

What a relaxing and rejuvenating LONG weekend! It was SOOOO great to see so many old friends! How was your weekend?

Happy Tuesday!


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