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A definition of the word PRESENT…


–verb (used with object)

1. to furnish or endow with a gift or the like, esp. by formal act: to present someone with a gold watch.
2. to bring, offer, or give, often in a formal or ceremonious way: to present one’s card.
3. afford or furnish (an opportunity, possibility, etc.).
4. to hand over or submit, as a bill or a check, for payment: The waiter presented our bill for lunch.
5. to introduce (a person) to another, esp. in a formal manner: Mrs. Smith, may I present Mr. Jones?
6. to bring before or introduce to the public: to present a new play.
7. to come to show (oneself) before a person, in or at a place,etc.
8. to show or exhibit: This theater will present films on a larger screen.
9. to bring forth or render for or before another or others;offer for consideration: to present an alternative plan.
10. to set forth in words; frame or articulate: to present arguments.
11. to represent, impersonate, or act, as on the stage.
12. to direct, point, or turn (something) to something  or someone: He presented his back to the audience.
13. to level or aim (a weapon, esp. a firearm).
14. Law . a. to bring against, as a formal charge against a person. b. to bring formally to the notice of the proper authority,as an offense.
15. British Ecclesiastical . to offer or recommend (a member of the clergy) to the bishop for institution to a benefice.
–noun pres·ent

16. a thing presented as a gift; gift: Christmas presents.

Who knew there were 16 different meanings of the noun present! For this post, I’m going with #16 all the way!!

This is the time of year when I wish my bank account had a few extra 0’s on the end. I would LOVE to give presents to everyone I know. Including and not limiting to, the guy who brings my mail, the awesome girl who cuts my hair, the people who so nicely take care of Remi, the women who kicks my ass in Knockout, the great people who help me deal with my bank account, all my kids who I have watched over the years,  friends all over the country… or.. rather world… and not to forget my family! My list kind of gets out of control this time of year! I just want to give, give, give!

Now back to reality! So I’ve decided that making presents might come in handy this year! So far I have constructed photo frames, created calendar’s on shutterfly, attempted to knit a few presents (which in the end, was an epic fail) and baked my little heart out this weekend!

A little preview to the HUGE cookie post that is coming 🙂

Anyway, I’m planning on small candles, gift cards and lots of tins of cookies!! I don’t like to take away the true meaning of Christmas. But it is always nice to receive that extra little present during the holidays! Even if it may be a tin of cookies!

How do you appreciate all the ‘extra’ people in your daily life during the holidays??

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