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It is taking all my effort not to get up and march right back to the kitchen and get myself a handful of Lindt Chocolate Truffles. Argh. I can feel my stomach protruding and yes right over my jeans! I can feel the back of my neck tightening up and my back in general start to hurt. NO MORE LINDT. So I’m here, in my little piece of the internet to write. I’ve been keeping up with my bloggers, even thought I may not have been here lately. I’m sad to see some go and really happy for others continuing on their journeys! Jenn from is getting ready for some skin removal sugary tomorrow. I am soooo very excited for her. She lives out in MN and I often find myself going to her blog. I feel like she is real and has come from a place similar to mine. She didn’t have 15 or 20 pounds to lose, but she lost 150 pounds. Purely amazing:) My goal (to reach at some point) is to lose 100 pounds. Now, I know a number is just a number and it depends on how you feel blah, blah, blah. But that number is very important to me!

Wow, I feel slightly better and the urge to head to the kitchen is SLIGHTLY gone. More typing shall a cure. So I haven’t really updated this blog in a week and a half. I’m sorry. Each day I see, say or taste something that I know would be wonderful on here. It’s finding the time to get it out on the web that is tricky! So I will do a brief update NOW.

1. I may or my not have a new cat. – The neighbors packed up their 2 cars and moved to FL. They left their cat. My landlords told me his name is Smokey. I’m really not sure what to do about Smokey. I’m not really a cat person, but he is awfully cute and fun to have around. I have yet to let him inside though. I feed him in the morning and at night and he currently sleeps on my landlords porch. I so just want to adopt him and take him in. I’m not really sure what is holding me back. I suppose it’s the extra $$$ that might be causing this delayed reaction.

Smokey doesn’t take the best pics yet!!

2. It was Remi’s 12th birthday on November 16th! My baby is getting BIG.. LOL.

3. I ran over the bridge! – This past Sunday, was the Newport Pell Bridge Run. I did it! It was a total of 4 miles and it felt great. I had a mini-enlightment in the middle of the run.. tears and all:) It was a wonderful feeling!

It was  a GREAT day! I keep reliving the run over and over again and it went by sooooo quick! I have the racing bug again I just want to sign up for them all. LOL. Don’t worry I’m not. But I do have my sights set on 2, one is a santa run, the other run is up in ME near some friends. We shall see:)

5. The November birthdays were celebrated.

Brian, Me, Ryan and Heather. I miss my NPT friends soooo much.

Well. So far so good. No truffle. And just committed myself to a 7pm boxing class.

Now.. to figure out InDesign before I throw my whole computer out the window… or perhaps at someones head!


So. I did it. I completed a 1/2 marathon. Pretty much kicking and streaming the whole way. Thank god for my friend Heather. I would not have completed it without her. I’m kind of bumming though. I’m bumming because I got out of the 1/2 what I put in! Pretty much nothing. I didn’t get up early and run my long runs. I didn’t get excited. (In fact, up to 1 hour before the race I was thinking of backing out!) I didn’t get the new running shirt. (Mostly because I’m tired of buying XL everything.) I didn’t get out of the race what I should have. Don’t get me wrong.. I’m 100% happy I did it and didn’t just quit (again thanks to Heather).. but the entire time I was walking/running I couldn’t help but think how much better this could have been if I actually got on the tread mill WAAAAAAY before only 2 days before the race. I have no one to blame but me. I didn’t really snap any photos! I was more focused on breathing and getting one foot in front of the other, then hitting the shutter button on my iPhone. But I did manage a few!

Picture perfect day!

Heather and I before!


Ready. Set.. GO!!!

Quick photo opt on Ocean Drive!

And after! Smiling once again after a mini break down 50 feet from the finish line!

The gear!

Things I learned:

1. Don’t bite of more than you can chew.

2. Always have a running buddy with you.

3. Make sure to eat something before.

4. Try to have as much fun as possible.

5. Make friends with those running around you. (We were towards the end.. so people weren’t nearly as focused as those running much further up. We ended up with the eldest runner and a runner with child! It’s all good though!)

6. Dear Lord… run some distance before your first half. I still have no idea what I was thinking!!!

Official time: 3:28:58 (Hey tons of room for improvement.. right?!)

Thank you Heather for saving my butt!!


So the whole working on the sleep thing went like this… pick kids up (@ 3 different times), come home make a mean dinner everyone loved, and precisely pass out on the couch waaaaaay before any of them! All I can do is laugh! It was 9:15, and one of the kids was poking at me.. asking if they should go to bed!! I love them.

So while I continue to work on the sleep thing… I kind of freaked out this morning and realized I’m signed up to run/walk 13.1 miles on Sunday. Yes. This date has been on my calendar. No. I didn’t forget. Yes. I did kind of ignore it. I was too busy stuffing my face and pretending my life was awful and did it really matter if I cracked one more tub of ben and jerry’s?!?!

I laced up my sneakers, stole (well borrowed) the membership card for the Marriott gym, dropped the kids off  and went DIRECTLY to the gym.

Why hello treadmill! How have you been?

Holy Crap.. didn’t have to kick my butt that bad. I barely managed to get in 4.12 miles in 65 minutes. Pretty sad.

Oh well. I’ll try to run a bit tomorrow and take it one day at a time!

Sidenote: after it was over… it felt great 🙂

A hidden treasure!!!

The 3rd and Elm Press. This place is a hidden gem in The Point part of Newport. Ise still works hard hand-making cards, wall hangings and other wonderful pieces of art. I wanted to hang out with her all day!

Over the years I have received a few pieces of art work from here. So glad I finally got to see where all the fun takes place. 

Still hard at work after nearly 50 years.


A press that is still in use today! My purchase. A hand craved blocked, printed with 4 different color blocks. 

What a great morning walk. I love this town!

Back to work before it’s time to play taxi cab again.. LOL!












I can’t believe this weekend is already over. A perfect weekend written down and photographed in history. One my very good friends got married. Yay! I’m still in some what of shock. I love them both very much and wish them the best of luck! My weekend started Thursday morning. Yes. Ma’s and the Mercury. The recipe for a great Newport RI morning!

We then went together to get our nails done. And pretty much tied up loose ends and pampered ourselves until the rehearsal at 6!

Me, Heather (the bride) and Steph

Chris (the groom), Me and Michael – post rehearsal dinner. Michael is a wonderful photographer.. he took something like 500 shots… so excited to see them!

It was then Friday morning. The morning of the big day. We all got dressed at Heather’s house. It was very busy with people coming and going, but oh so much fun!

The DRESS. Check out the awesome hangers Heather found on esty!!

Chris and Heather exchanged cards and presents. Below is Heather opening her card/gift from Chris. It was a special moment!

Steph and I ready to get this girl married.. LOL.

OK guys.. I’m all ready!! Let’s get the show on the road!

Heather’s father brought down his antique car. It was such a special touch!

The girls ready on the trolley!

Absolutely stunning! Everything about the day was PERFECT. I’m not one to say things are perfect… but there wasn’t a single problem. Heather did an amazing job planning and I have already hired her to plan my wedding in the year 2025.. I joke.. I joke!

What a special day. Thank you Heather and Chris for including me on this journey!

Heather’s Shoes. Pink for the wedding, green for the after party dress AND the amazing brooch bouquet Heather made using brooches given to her by family and friends. Just one more amazing touch added to the day!

After the wedding celebrations it was time for a 80th birthday party for my Aunt! (More of a close friend of the family.. yet she has the Aunt title!)

I actually made the board.. I’m standing between my Uncle and Aunt, top row 3rd photo in!

Wow… this was a record weekend. Now to find the balance and some downtime!!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the amazing weather this weekend.

Until next time!


I’m still alive. Although, I’m still pretty devastated about the whole knockout instructor fiasco! Still not sure what my next move is.. but I’ll be dragging my butt to the gym tonight to meet up with Patty for some flex edge… even though every time I see (the Edge plasters FB status’ non-stop all day, as well as annoying e-mails) or think about that place I cringe! Moving on…

I had a bit of an escape this weekend. I was in Newport.. but not entirely for fun.. but more for work:)

I had the kids help me build some eco-art:) We also made beer bread, went to see A Good Man Charlie Brown (one of my other kids was Sally!), went to a skating party, walked around downtown, went to the opening of my new favorite store Potter & Co. (where I may or may not have purchased a new spinning top), ate at the Hungry Monkey, ran 1.5 miles, swam in the Marriott pool, cooked dinners, gave Remi a bath in a claw foot tub, watched movies and, read and snuggled with 3 great kids. All-in-all it was a great weekend. I didn’t end up getting back till early this morning and I’ve been fighting with InDesign ever since!

I’m looking forward to a quite night home (aka collapsing on the couch). I feel like my house is falling apart at the cracks.. so perhaps prior to collapsing I’ll do a bit of cleaning! LOL. Who are we kidding 🙂

See ya all so soon!



What a relaxing weekend. I’m going to be brief and explain in photos.

It started with a Chocolate Monkey – Dark Creme de Cacao, Crem de Banana, fresh banana, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream. Topped with whipped cream and fresh banana. From the Red Parrot. (No calories counted for this one.. wink wink!)

It was a Monkey kind of weekend. This was a HUGE mug of coffee at my favorite breakfast place. It was wonderful after dancing the night away with old friends. I forgot what a workout dancing is… I actually woke up sore!

Newport was picture perfect. Oh… how I miss it here:(

We even woke up to snow one day!

Which meant warm yummy banana whipped oats! (Made in  Le Curset pot! We stayed at the home of a family I used to work for. Let me tell you.. they have my DREAM kitchen!)

 1 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 cup milk + 1 sliced banana. Leave for 5 mintues or until cooked. Then whip with a whisk. The banana disappears and the oats are soft and creamy! (taken from KathEatsRealFood)


Nutella, P&B and ground flax! Check out this bowl. LOVE IT! Hehehe.

Back to bed with this guy!

Then a visit with my girls! Look they can write their names now!

And lastly a brillant night of zumba! Sadly I didn’t take a photo last night! But I dug this one up from last summer! This lady ROCKS!

I was soooo excited to see her and finally be able to take another class! Think a 2.5 hour drive on Monday nights is tooo long for a zumba class?!?! LOL.

What a relaxing and rejuvenating LONG weekend! It was SOOOO great to see so many old friends! How was your weekend?

Happy Tuesday!


I want to see here. Right now. Not 8 hours from now.

But I will be as patient as possible.


Yup. That is what you get when your running late. I turned OFF  my alarm this morning. AND I was still sleeping. I think my body is trying to tell me something! Body.. I need you to keep going just for a few more days 🙂

DD How I love thee!!

Busy Busy Busy

Have a great day people!

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