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Hi Ya’ll!!

How was your weekend? Mine was great. Remi and I packed up and headed 4.5 hours northeast to Buxton Maine… about 30 minutes west of Portland… to visit some friends and furry creatures 🙂

Friday night, Remi and I arrived and mingled with the 5 other dogs that live in the house we were staying at.

In no particular order: Tucker, Riley, Baxter, Jake, Eddie and Remi. It was a bit tricky getting this photo.. hence either Baxter or Riley is looking away! Woops.

Saturday was full of outlet shopping and another place off the Flavortownusa List!

Welcome to Bob’s Clam Hut! I saw this place on Guy Fieri’s show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives 🙂 I’m trying to get to at least one per state!

Bob’s Clam Hut was flawless. It was a slice on summer on a cold winter’s day. I got a lobster roll, which tasted perfect and included a butter/toasted bun. The pickle was even outrageously good!

Also had to sample the calm cakes. Yet again.. these didn’t disappoint!

And had to try a few fried shrimp!

The atmosphere was great on a chilly winter day.. I can only imagine what it must be like on a summer’s day! Check out the menu. So delicious. I could seriously eat one of each!

After all that eating.. shopping for clothes was OUT. What’s better than dishes, spoons, forks and bakeware!?!?! Not much.. so that was my next treasure to hunt for! The le creuset outlet was first on the list! Someday I will have a full set. For now.. I just look and ooogle the pieces.

How freakin cute is this!?!?!?

AND a Crate and Barrel Outlet! One of each please.

I couldn’t quite get out of this one so easier. These measuring spoons where calling my name! I just couldn’t leave without them!

I will get plenty of use out of these babies!! I also finally found those little ceramic spoons you see all over the blog-sphere! Excited to use them and hopefully take some fun photos!

On the way home we stopped at When Pig’s Fly Bread. 

First of all, the parking lot was packed. Which says a lot right there! As you open the door and take a few steps in.. your hit with the best smell of baking bread! “At When Pigs Fly, we bake old-world, artisan breads fresh, every day, using the finest organic, natural ingredients. Now experience what over one million people in New England have enjoyed for years! From all of us at When Pigs Fly, welcome to our website!” You must go check the web-site out and if your ever near any of their locations… GO, GO, GO! They have about 15 different kinds of breads on tap!! LOL. How about 15 different kinds of bread for the tasting!

Ended up with a loaf of Veggie Potato Latke Bread! Holy Yum. I put half in the freezer for fear of waking in the middle of the night and devouring what is left!

Lots of cuddle time with the kiddos!

“Um.. Ma… why are you holding Baxter and not me?!?!?!”- Remi

And bubbly with apps!

The famous.. spinach & artichoke ring…

and an assortment of cheeses w. crackers, shrimp with Stonewall cocktail sauce and a take on bruschetta!

A quick trip to the art store to fill up on supplies for tomorrow night.. turned into a trip to Coastal Maine Popcorn Co. Name a popcorn flavor and I’m pretty sure it was there… including by not limited too.. dill pickle, white cheddar,  black pepper and sea salt.. can’t forget cotton candy.. better yet.. you read the list!

Cozy spot in the corner.. perfecting for snacking on some freshly popped popcorn!

Cotton Candy!

I think this stuff individually bagged would be a great give-a-way at a trade-show… who wants another pen or another notepad anyway.. What do you guys think?!?! Plus its blue.. one of our colors!

Lastly we stop at this lighthouse!

It was great to be outside and in the sunshine for a bit! We had tons of fun walking the rocks and taking photos!

It was a great weekend.. I learned once again.. how quickly diet and exercise can change when your out of your atmosphere! It’s ok though.. life would be pretty boring without some ups and downs! Back to the eating healthy/working out grind tomorrow!!

Goodnight everyone:)



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