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HAPPY FRIDAY! I can’t believe how happy I am it’s Friday. I haven’t been this happy about a Friday in a while. I have no scheduled work this weekend! Yippie. I always have work to do, business work as well as personal work, but nothing set in stone! I’m one happy camper. I’m even a bit more excited because I have a hot date tonight! There are a million things running through my head. But I must remain,  cool, calm and collected!!! I met this guy a while ago on-line. A few weeks ago we met for dinner. It went amazingly well. I normally like to chat with the person on the phone before meeting up. However, this time around we just e-mailed back and forth a few times to make a plan! I kind of went into it as… oh well.. let’s see what this guy is all about! I didn’t google search him before hand. I know.. the horror! Anyway, I have done my research. This guy looks legit on paper.. I was even able to find his 2-page resume online. I would like to believe my stalking skills have improved, but this dude made it almost too easy. first Not something to hard to figure out. We were chatting the other day about internet identity and what pops up when sometime ‘googles’ you! I guess I have never really thought about that for my own name.. yet I have ‘googled’ many others!

My thoughts today are: When is it the right time to let someone in? Allowing them to be a ‘friend’ on FB? Meeting friends and family? I’m pretty new to this whole dating scene. Yes, I’ve had quite a few dates in my time. However, there have only really been a handful of guys who I actually would have loved to hang on to a bit longer. I don’t want to shield myself away from this guy, but I don’t necessarily want to lay everything out on a silver platter. But why not? I don’t have anything to hide. Whoa. TO MUCH THINKING.

Boxing was de-railed last night. However, a nice and easy 3.1 run took its place! I must say I woke up feeling better, but my back is now in a bit of a funk!

Only 7 hours until date time. I kind of feel like a little kid getting toooo excited.



I always wanted to be that person who blogged about EVERYTHING. The one who took photos of each ounce of food that hit my lips. Who ran all the races they signed up for. The one who had interesting recipes on a daily basis (Who eats all that food anyways?). The person who seemed to have her life together. Well folks… I’m not that person. But I’m ME.. and you know what.. I’m starting to like ME again!

This week has been crazy as normal. Up until yesterday afternoon I didn’t know if I was going to make it. I kind of have A LOT on my plate right now. I AM the person who likes to keep busy. In fact, I think I might be a bit too busy lately.. but I have my sights set on a nice afternoon AT HOME Saturday. (Must get to Saturday!) So you ask… How did I go from not knowing if I was going to make it, to liking myself again??!?! Well you see. I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands. Normally I have art class 2 nights a week. This week I also had a Pampered Chef meeting, which put my workout routine all sorts of out-a-whack! I decided  to skip class last night (kids.. this isn’t a good idea.. I will be making up for it next class) and go work-out! I ended up going to a flex edge class and pushed myself to the limits. Walking out of there I mentioned to a friend, “I feel like I’m on a high!” (Not that I REALLY know what that feels like!) It was an awesome feeling. I was able to come home and get SO MUCH DONE! I truly forgot what a great workout felt like before, during and after!

Don’t forgot what makes you truly happy!



Finding balance within life is one enormous task I have yet to figure out. Do we ever figure it out? For the past few months it’s been go go go. I enjoy being busy. I live for busy days. Days when I look at the clock and wonder how is it already ‘whatever time it is’?!?! For the past few months I have figured out a way to eat ‘somewhat’ healthy and workout ALMOST daily. For the past week that has all been thrown up in the wind. I can’t seem to re-catch what I originally had and it’s starting to piss me off. I dabble my toes in so many different things, I sometimes think that if I only put all my toes in one thing, that one thing may come out better than if only one toe was in it. Something to work on I suppose!

So yet again, I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. I just COULD NOT fit it in. I probably should learn how to get up earlier and go in the morning. I tell my body this is my plan.. BUT it has its own plans 😦 Today I’m going to blame being sick for not getting in the groove. I know it’s not really cool to blame stuff on something or someone. But today I am. I am still going to attempt a 12 o’clock spin class (more so because there is a new boy in town 😉 ). Hey.. if it’s the boys that get me to the gym.. so be it 🙂

Anyway, last night was a school night. I mentioned last week that I would love how to create some stained glass pieces for a project I am working on. So this week my teacher brought everything in. He is just the bestest 🙂 We learned all about glass. How glass really isn’t a solid. How is breaks soo easily, yet so strong. Think car windshield… the windshield saves us and protects us every time we get behind the wheel, yet a broken windshield is extremely dangerous to us! It makes you think! We learned the Tiffany’s way of stain glass last night and I was in love!

In a nut shell, there are sheets of glass.

Which you can score with a special tool and snap in half. You then get to arrange the pieces the way you want them… who knew puzzle creating skills were needed.

Once they are arranged you have to wrap them in copper.

Once wrapped, each piece must have it’s copper carefully pressed down. We used the hard edge of a pen, but there are special ‘bone’ tools for his step.

The wrapping of each piece takes a while. I only had  time to then ‘tack’ the pieces together. I will finish the entire piece next Monday.

Creating pieces of stain glass is super fun. I now know why a Tiffany’s lamp shade it sooo expensive.. kind of also makes me want one!! Hehehe.

I just love them:)

Ok. Enough about lamps.

See ya later!


There are pros and cons of change. Most of the time I hate it, very rarely do I like it. I like to know where I’m going, what I’m doing. I also like the unexpected, but only if it ‘s something good. Last night was Knockout. You all know how much I LOVE knockout. Well. I got there and noticed the instructor wasn’t there. This is not like her. I have taken her class since April. She is NEVER late. I was a bit suspicious, but I let it go. AND THEN… there was talk she wasn’t coming. LONG story short, the instructor and the gym didn’t meet eye-to-eye so she is gone. Just like that. I’m pissed. The gym never called, never emailed.. NOTHING. The emails have been flowing back and forth between myself and the gym all morning, but the bottom line is, I just want my favorite instructor back.

This whole dilemma has made me realized how lucky we are when we go through a day, week, month or year without any huge upsets or hiccups. I do realize that this shit does happen, I just don’t deal with it well. I basically wanted to punch the face of the new instructor (which wasn’t fair at all… she did a great job for the circumstances!) I used to live for Tuesday nights! Also makes me realize I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket. One fitness class a week should not make or break me… however it was the 1 hour a week I could totally check out of the real world. This whole weight loss journey is hard enough when all the ducks are in a row and the machine is well-greased. Throw a bomb on the plan and be prepared to be derailed. My goal for the next few weeks it to figure out a workout plan I can stick to. I have many other workouts I have been waiting to try (hot yoga, swimming, kettleballs, boot camp), so maybe I’ll make the best of this piece of crap news and try something else.

Ahhh. I could just scream. I’m hoping in the next few days, things settle and the instructor can find a better place to teach. Here’s to hoping!!

I found these words this morning while perusing a titlenine catalog. The Founder, Missy Park wrote them!

START: Something

STOP: worrying

START: Living

STOP: waiting

START: Talking

STOP: texting

START: Exercising

STOP: dieting


STOP: procrastinating

START: Breathing

STOP: smoking

START: Doing

STOP: Planning

START: Simple

STOP: complicated


I need to start living by this a bit more closely! Definitely gives you something to think about 🙂

Happy Monday!




The List

1. Taking a shower and getting off the couch was step one.

2. Not cooking and going to a long over due dinner with a friend.

3. Pursuing through Pier One. I forgot how much I LOVE this store. I’ll take one of each please.

This would go perfect in the family room.

My dream. Miss-matched dishes on clearance. (I walked out empty handed… which took some major self control.)

4. Finally getting to Trader Joe’s and picking up some RANDOM stuff. Look for some of this great stuff soon.

5. Getting 5 pairs of underwear at the GAP for $1.49. Yup. $.21-.29 each!

6. Realizing the gym just didn’t happen today and accepting it.

7. Coming home to a happy dog.

8. Accepting the fact that sometimes I will make mistakes. Learning from them. Letting them go & moving on.

9. Realizing sometimes you just need to talk things out with someone.

10. Remembering to SMILE.

Goodnight ALL:)

Happy Tuesday! It’s knockout day! NO TBL.. whaa whaa! January 4th can’t come soon enough!

On to cookies! I thought for sure I’d be sick and tired of cookies by now. However, I kind of missed the sweet treat after a meal. I needed to come up with a ‘healthy’ cookie recipe. After reading through many different applesauce cookie recipes.. this is what I came up with!

My Kind of Applesauce Cookies

  • 1 cup butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups applesauce
  • 4 cups whole wheat flour – Could leave some out for a more moist cookie!
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon – I always throw in some extra!
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 cup craisins – Could use raisins too!
  • 1 cup chocolate chip – Could use white chocolate chip!

There are many other things you could add it too! Different types of nuts, different kinds of chocolate, different fruit! This cookie could really turn into something completely different!

EASY as 1-2-3-4-5!

  1. Mix sugar, applesauce, butter. Blend.
  2. Mix all dry ingredients in another bowl.
  3. Slowly add in to wet mixture.
  4. Stir in your selections. Mine was craisins and chocolate chips!
  5. Bake 350º for 10 – 12 minutes.

Scooped nicely on the tray.. via the Pampered Chef medium scoop!

The cookies came out on the high side! But they were still delicious!

A little of dusting of powder sugar to resemble snow! I think it might be the only way I see some this winter!

I haven’t done the calorie count on these bad boys! But I can’t imagine it to be outrageous!

In the New Year, I’m going to attempt to include the calorie count as much as possible!

At the moment, I currently feel like I’m floating, in the middle, not going up and not going down! Not gaining weight, but certainly not losing weight either!  I have really upped the cardio classes this past weekend, however, I have also really upped the eating! I bumped into a friend last night at the gym and we ended up chit-chatting for a bit. We were talking about eating healthier and exercising and then she said, “Food is really 80% of it all”. Now, I knew this! I have done so much research in the last year, I even hung out with Jillian Michaels for a few days (well… me and 2,000 others!), but sometimes I just need to refocus. And yes those 4 pieces of chocolate that snuck into my mouth after lunch yesterday count. And yes, I could easily just run a few more miles. But if I say that all the time, I might be running for days!

So with that being said, my goal for the day is to watch all the sneaky chocolate that somehow ends up in my mouth and perhaps replace the chocolate with a ‘healthy’ cookie!

Oh. And drink more H2O! Don’t forget the H2O :0)

Be sure to check out the 1st post of the Philly Adventure here.

After an amazing tour of the Mosaic Gardens in South Philly we head over to Termini Brothers. Termini’s is this outrageous Pastry shop in South Philadelphia. They had mini chocolate mousse, carrot cakes, peanut butter bars, fresh filled cannoli’s.. the list goes on and on!


My favorite purchase here was  a piece of Torrone. Torrone is an Italian nougat filled with almonds and pistachio nuts.  Termini’s hand-makes this Italian nougat candy from an original family recipe that dates back to the early 1900’s. “When we say original family recipe, we mean just that. Not only do we still make our torrone by hand, we still use the special bowls and pans that our grandfather used just for this purpose. This stuff was to die for!! and they ship 🙂

It was then  Philly Cheese Steak Time! Geno’s VS. Pat’s

Geno’s Won this time! But we will be back for round #2 very soon!


Can’t visit Philly and not a pretzel! I learn that  everyday students in school have the opportunity to get a pretzel! I want to live in Philly.. pretzels everyday sounds great to me!


Jo dipping a pretzel in cheese whizz. I have never had more cheese whizz in my entire life. LOL

One last stop to make! Nifty Fifty’s! This place says 50’s all over it!

100’s of different soda pop flavors to choose from!

and many different milkshake options to pick from! Below is a pumpkin pie shake and crab fries! (Fries with old bay seasonings on them!)

 At this point we were all SOOO full, but we had to go for the experience! It was fun to sit and color these hats!

And give ourselves tattoos! Yup.. we haven’t grown up quite yet.. but it’s all good!


Sr. Mary Anthony  is a 6th grade teacher in Philadelphia. Her convent is located within steps of her school, so we got to walk the halls and look around! Once I stepped foot in her classroom I had this awesome feeling! The Cube VS Classroom battle began again in my head! I know I’m truly suppose to be in the classroom, and someday, hopefully someday soon when I’m 100% ready…  I’ll be in one!



No matter what area in my life I’m dealing with at the moment I’m going to keep this saying in my head!

Have a wonderful day!

Excited for a crock-pot creation today.. stayed tuned 🙂 I promise back to healthy recipes!! LOL

Oh.. and I somehow ended up in Rockefeller Center while attempting to bring Jo Anne home!

Go figure… I NEVER know where I’m going to end up!  🙂


Saturday Morning at 8:30am I ran my very first 5K!

I wasn’t to prepared for this race fitness wise! Clothing wise.. I was right on.. I laid out my clothes and knew I had to wear my ‘favorites’!

The Mansion Run was held at Salve Regina in Newport, RI. I was happy to be returning to the Salve Campus and more excited that this was were my 1st ever 5K would take place!

Oh Salve.. How I miss thee!

We gathered outside of Rogers Rec. It was great.. there was music, food, we  picked up our numbers (I was actually going to get my own number this time) and got revved up for the extreme race that about was take place! People… a 5K is an extreme race at this point in my life. If all works about in a few months I’ll look back at the sentence and laugh.. LOL

I was getting a bit nervous. Many thoughts were floating through my head. What the hell was I thinking? Look at all this people with their running shorts and music in hand! These people ‘look like they know what there doing’. How are you going to do this? Don’t fall! I can leave now and NO ONE would notice. As all these thoughts spun around up there, then I glanced around and saw all my friends. I knew I could do this!

Pre-race photo with the Newport Gang. Ryan, Steve, me, Heather, Alicia, Monica, Abby and Colleen. It was so great to see old friends and make new friends 🙂

READY. SET. GO. (Ahhhh… wait.. what am I doing?!?!? One foot in front of the other.. just keep going.. Don’t stop. GO. GO. GO.)

I was great for the first 1.5 miles. I kept a few people in site and wouldn’t let myself fall to far behind. I even caught up at one point and gave Steph a tap on the shoulder. I just kept running. Mike, Michael, Steph and Heather were right in front of me. I knew I could do this. Then BOOM. I couldn’t. But I knew I HAD to. Then Mike turned around. He was waiting. For me? Yup.. for me. We ran a bit together then they were off again. I just kept going. I knew if I stopped there was no way of starting up again. I was a few seconds away from walking and then I saw Heather running the other way. Um.. Heather the race is the other way! LOL. She was running towards me 🙂 We ran together for the last mile or so. She kept me going. Singing, laughing and distracting me from the distance we still had to go. We turned the corner together and spirited to the finish line together. 38:49. Not bad for my 1st 5K ever! Thank you guys!

Dave, Steph, Brian, me and Heather – Post-race

Michael, Steph and Mike

Love these girls 😉

An amazing group!

These feet did it! Then completed something that was impossible 6 months ago! And now they wanted to explore Ocean Drive with Ma’s in hand :0)

The most calming place EVER!

Yummy. Iced snicker-doodle coffee and egg/cheese on an English Muffin. Perfect post run food:)

Hmm. Wonder what this was part of at one point? Maybe a house, wall, driveway or perhaps a piece of brick that never made it to its original destination and decided OD was the place to live!

Can’t you just hear the wave crashing against the rocks?!?!

Ocean Drive is a great place to fly a kite! Every weekend you can find tons of people flying kites. It’s a pretty awesome sight!

I’m in the MIDDLE of the road. I’m in the middle of my weight-loss plan, in the middle of learning about my new job, in the middle of figuring out where I REALLY want to be. Currently I’m in the middle of the road. It’s a good place to be. I like to look back and see how far I have come on my journey. I also enjoying looking in the future to see where I still have to go 🙂

You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! So go. Set your mind. And do it 😉

I originally started this blog to be considered and listed under different HEALTHY LIVING blogrolls. Well read no further if that is what you’re looking for.  This post basically goes against that title in every way! So are you ready?!?!?.. HERE. WE. GO.

A few weeks ago I was visiting friends in Newport and we came up with the grand idea of going to see Jason Mraz on a Monday night. Not quite sure who we thought we were, but we were determined to make it happen. All week long leading up to the concert I was feeling guilty and not quite sure what I was doing. Oh. I failed to mention the concert was in Utica NY, about 4 hours away from were I live. Which in turn meant I needed to take a half day Monday AND Tuesday! I already paid for the tickets and miss my NPT friends so much I was willing to deal with the consequences of going! So I went! Can’t start a road trip off without a Mickey D’s vanilla milkshake. Non-Healthy Living choice #1!

We enjoyed catching up on our lives with each other! I used to be with these girls on a daily basis. Add in a few weeks apart and there is A LOT to catch up on 🙂

The new and the old!

I even brought along my sweater I’m knitting! Started this back in February.. hoping to finish before the 1st snowfall. I had 3.. yes.. you read that correctly… 3+ hours one way of sitting in a car knitting, chatting, looking through photos, listening to Jason Mraz and watching the AMAZING scenery! That right there was a bit of heaven! Thank you Steph for driving.. You are the best;)

Heather and Steph made sure to bring along some wine! Heather was itching the whole way to pop a cork!

Pit stop.. check out that awesome red barn behind us! It was a picture perfect postcard across the street from the rest stop! Pure country! Pure bliss 🙂

The concert was held at Stanley Theatre in Utica NY. It recently re-open in April of 2008 after going through extensive renovations. It was breath-taking inside. I could not stop taking photos!



Love them! XOXOXO

Don’t ever let your mind stop you from having a good time! – Jason Mraz

What a concert! It was the 1st of the season for me. The summer season, that is officially ending in 6 days or so. Boy was I missing out! Jason is amazing! He music is incredible. We all agreed across the board that his music is better live then pre-record! I love that he uses his position in society to work for the good. He mentioned different organizations in which is helps, Water Conservation, Slaves in Africa (watch Jason open up about his trip to Ghana earlier this summer) and just being a well-rounded environmentalist. He brought his tin water bottles on stage and made sure to mention that part of his stage was made up from 15,000 or so recycled water bottles. He also invited a fan to come up on stage and dance with him for a song because she was taking their compost from the Utica stop home with her! First of all, who tweets to find someone to take their compost, and second who agrees to do it?!?! All is well in the world when the compost lands in the right spot! Overall it was fascinating to learn about such an amazing person!

Heather and I decided we wanted to get a closer photo. So we walked down the aisle right toward the stage! We went down during the last song, with about 5 minutes left Jason motioned for the people standing in front to come on stage and dance for the last few minutes. Um. So Heather and I jumped at the opportunity!

View from the stage. It was total craziness! Dancing and singing with Jason and his band. It was sooo great that he included his fans throughout the show! This is a concert I will NEVER forget 🙂

Non-Healthy Living Choice #1,345 of the day! We ended up in this sketchy 24 hour grocery store. I COULD NOT resist the urge to buy these sun chips.. mostly because the bag was 100% compostable! (Didn’t even know that was a real word.) And I thought it fit nicely with the theme of the night!

Oh. Here is #1,346! (I left quite a few BAD choices out!) However, this pizza was amazing after a wonderful night with Jason and the girls 🙂

Kind of felt like a high schooler.. but we just NEEDED Jason Mraz t-shirts! You know… to keep this trip a recent memory.. because the 595 photos wouldn’t have done the trick!!

Until our next road trip 🙂

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