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I’m still alive. Although, I’m still pretty devastated about the whole knockout instructor fiasco! Still not sure what my next move is.. but I’ll be dragging my butt to the gym tonight to meet up with Patty for some flex edge… even though every time I see (the Edge plasters FB status’ non-stop all day, as well as annoying e-mails) or think about that place I cringe! Moving on…

I had a bit of an escape this weekend. I was in Newport.. but not entirely for fun.. but more for work:)

I had the kids help me build some eco-art:) We also made beer bread, went to see A Good Man Charlie Brown (one of my other kids was Sally!), went to a skating party, walked around downtown, went to the opening of my new favorite store Potter & Co. (where I may or may not have purchased a new spinning top), ate at the Hungry Monkey, ran 1.5 miles, swam in the Marriott pool, cooked dinners, gave Remi a bath in a claw foot tub, watched movies and, read and snuggled with 3 great kids. All-in-all it was a great weekend. I didn’t end up getting back till early this morning and I’ve been fighting with InDesign ever since!

I’m looking forward to a quite night home (aka collapsing on the couch). I feel like my house is falling apart at the cracks.. so perhaps prior to collapsing I’ll do a bit of cleaning! LOL. Who are we kidding 🙂

See ya all so soon!



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