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Wow. Already January 15th. Where oh where does the time go?! The first week of the new year I was sick. Sick to the point of not going to work on the first Monday of the new year. They day everyone starts fresh. Everything is new! New schedules, new notebooks, new calendars, a new out look on eating, new sneakers for the gym (side note: I feel like EVERYONE got new sneakers for Christmas.. and there I am in my old beat up kicks! LOL.); a fresh clean start. As I thought about all newest, I was buried in bed under 5 blankets. Nice way to start the new year. But alas, I’m back out there, living my new routine.

Finding a balance between everything stills seems to be a struggle at times. I have turned myself into a master list maker. It seems to be the only way to get anything done these days! All errands seem to get done quicker and better, except for the dreaded gym. Not sure when I started to dread the gym. It’s sad and I don’t like that feeling. So in order to boost up my willingness to get to the gym better, I decided to sign up with a group of friends who created their own Biggest Loser competition as a fundraiser for Relay for Life. It seemed to be the best option and a win win for all. Something to keep me on track a bit better and an important fundraiser!!

I am reclaimed what I am eating. There are no more cookies being eaten at 10 o’clock at night, cakes consumed after lunch and venti lattes for my afternoon snack. It is still early, and it takes what 21 days to create a routine you can stick to?!?!?… but I have high hopes I can do it 🙂

I’m trying all new things at the gym, finding classes that work and skipping the classes that don’t work. Tonight I’m headed to a different gym, to try a completely different class to me! Should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes!



That is it. Only one word: SLACKER.

I would love to write, that  this weekend was crazy and I didn’t have a second to post. But that would be a lie. Yes… I was very busy.. Yes.. I took pictures of everything almost everything I ate. NO.. I didn’t post!

Friday night was a couch date night. Ended up watching Leap Year from Netflix. First of all.. I LOVE Netflix. Second of all.. I LOVED Leap Year. Makes my urge to go to Ireland and find a man with a brogue that much stronger. Sigh. Someday.

Saturday morning was Kickboxing with Diane (Love that lady!) – Then a surprise shopping trip with Mom. I’m in search of a dress to wear to a rehearsal dinner in April and I want it to be GREAT. Let’s just say the 16 didn’t fit.. it was to BIG. Yippiee 🙂

Sunday morning was more Knockout with Diane, then grocery shopping and finally chili time! A long-lost friend came over for dinner so it was great fun 🙂 I know.. sadly no photos… again SLACKER!

Last night I packed up my bags and was ready to head to the gym early morning today. Needless to say that DIDN’T HAPPEN. I just don’t get it. Sunday morning class starts at 7:15AM and I have no problem getting there… on a Monday morning however, 7:15AM might as well be 5:15AM! I just can’t get up. It makes be crazy. The real purpose for pushing with an early morning workout is due to the fact that I start classes tonight. So every Monday and Wednesday I’ll be in class until 9:20! Which is great and I’m excited about it.. just limits my time elsewhere.. like the gym! I don’t want to be one of the gym brats, but it totally messes with  your chemical balance when you work out all the time and then just stop… at least for me. I’m not saying that I’m done with the gym.. I guess I’m saying I’m not one that loves change. Therefore, I need to figure out a way to actually get up on the weekdays when my alarm goes off and not roll over for another hour or so. Hmmm… anyone have any ideas?!?!?

As far as weekly challenges go.. this will be an off week. There are things that I’m hoping to accomplish this week, and I’m not entirely sure how to included them into the weekly challenges. I’ll keep you posted!

Anyway, Today is Monday January 24, 2010. (Pointing to a calendar as we read along. From the student teaching days. Starting to miss them. Is it bad to miss them after 5 years?!?!?)

Have a splendid day!



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