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I realized that for those of you who read this daily, my being away, was probably quite boring for you. I’m sorry! I’m back and won’t be going anywhere for a while.

I was back in Newport this weekend for a very special Bachorlette  Weekend. There was lots of dancing, singing, wine tasting, wine and truffle pairing, eating and chatting!

Dancing – The 5th Element – Newport, RI


Wine Tasting – Westport Rivers, Westport Mass

The Bride 🙂

Sakonnet Vineyards – Little Compton, RI

Wine and Truffle Pairing – Newport Cellar, Newport RI

There was also unpictured Ma’s Coffee runs, walk/run around Sachest Point, swimming/hot tubbing, and lots of talk about running races! (More on races in another post soon!)

The weekend ended officially ended at 5:45AM Monday morning when Heather and I went to a spinning class taught by a Mom we used to work for, who has turned into a great friend!

What a great weekend! I can’t wait for the wedding weekend!

The entire bridal party + Heather’s Mom!

So with all the fun festivities of the weekend, I must admit I’m feeling a bit heavier than I did on Friday! There is a program called revolution at the gym, that I have been eyeing for months. It’s $99 and lasts for 8 weeks. You get a bunch of stuff for the $99, 1 personal training session, 1 Pilates session, books, dvds, before & after measurements & photos, etc. Still I didn’t want to shell out that at this time. HOWEVER, on Groupon the other day, they were offering this for $48 for a 24-hour period. I jumped on it! Needless to say, before measurements and photos will be taken this Saturday! So in my head I have 2 days to stuff my face.. LOL… NOT! I am a bit relaxed on what goes in my mouth, but don’t want to fall of the train entirely! I’m a bit nervous, and don’t want to mess this one up! I’ve been able to keep off a certain amount of weight for over a year.. it’s time to add to that number:)

I’m excited to be a playing part in The Edge Revolution. Watch out!!


Do you ever binge or go off the charts drastically before started a new program or schedule?




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