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Wow. Already January 15th. Where oh where does the time go?! The first week of the new year I was sick. Sick to the point of not going to work on the first Monday of the new year. They day everyone starts fresh. Everything is new! New schedules, new notebooks, new calendars, a new out look on eating, new sneakers for the gym (side note: I feel like EVERYONE got new sneakers for Christmas.. and there I am in my old beat up kicks! LOL.); a fresh clean start. As I thought about all newest, I was buried in bed under 5 blankets. Nice way to start the new year. But alas, I’m back out there, living my new routine.

Finding a balance between everything stills seems to be a struggle at times. I have turned myself into a master list maker. It seems to be the only way to get anything done these days! All errands seem to get done quicker and better, except for the dreaded gym. Not sure when I started to dread the gym. It’s sad and I don’t like that feeling. So in order to boost up my willingness to get to the gym better, I decided to sign up with a group of friends who created their own Biggest Loser competition as a fundraiser for Relay for Life. It seemed to be the best option and a win win for all. Something to keep me on track a bit better and an important fundraiser!!

I am reclaimed what I am eating. There are no more cookies being eaten at 10 o’clock at night, cakes consumed after lunch and venti lattes for my afternoon snack. It is still early, and it takes what 21 days to create a routine you can stick to?!?!?… but I have high hopes I can do it ūüôā

I’m trying all new things at the gym, finding classes that work and skipping the classes that don’t work. Tonight I’m headed to a different gym, to try a completely different class to me! Should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it goes!


I sometimes come here and look around. Wondering if I should start up again? Hmm…

People still out there. So much to say, so little time.

The weekends are by far the hardest part of the week when eating. There really isn’t a set time for anything really. During the work week, there is a better schedule. This weekend was the first in which I was much more aware of what I was eating then the past few weekends. A quick recap!


Friday night I met up with G and met his sister for the first time. Such a great experience. ¬†We went to dinner with his Mom too. We went to¬†Blackstone Steak¬†house. I ended up getting the filet mignon. This was the best piece of meat I have actually ever had. (There is still half in the fridge at home, that I have some plans for!) Also had some garlic mashed potatoes, spinach and brussels sprouts. Back at G’s house we opened a bottle of Chocolate Raspberry Wine we picked up this summer at¬†Land of Nod Vineyard¬†in East Canaan CT. Very yummy.


Started off good. 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 2.. ekk 3 pieces of bread (w/ diner butter). AND THEN IT WENT DOWN HILL. LOL. I met up with the kids in NPT to head over to the Food Truck Fair. I should have known better. We started with a really yummy black bean burger – I only had a bite or two.

After that, there were bites of ribs, fried dough and italian ice. I stopped there but could have kept going. For dinner, G and I decided to go to Scales and Shells. I have mentioned to him about the Sicilian Littlenecks WAY tooooo many times, so we had to get them.

I also had grilled shrimp and asparagus. And a few bites of G’s linguine with clams. Soooo good. On our walk home, we stopped and had a quick dessert too. Including a pumpkin martini!


Went to the Atlantic Beach Club for brunch. I had a Bloody Mary and all. I tried to keep it to a smaller filled plate then normal! Finally got a bit of apple picking in. Even though the orchard trees were closed, I still picked one. LOL.

In between all the eating, walking, visiting and picking – we went on a helicopter ride. SO MUCH FUN.

On our way back to town we stopped off in New Haven and had Mya’s Sushi for dinner. Holy yum. Mya’s doesn’t do normal sushi. It’s all whole wheat rice, and crazy combos. Think goat cheese/cranberry/whitefish sushi. So yummy.


Back to oatmeal, coffee and water. It’s worth it thought for an amazing weekend.

I tried to get in as much physical activity as possible. G and I went for a 2-ish mile walk when we arrived in NPT. Then we walked around town all day. After brunch on Sunday we went for a walk on the beach. Still figuring out this whole WW thing.

Happy Monday everyone!


I was at Wal-Mart buying trash bags, shampoo, Halloween socks – you know…. the stuff you just NEED. And all I wanted to do was bite someones head off. It wasn’t good. I didn’t like the feeling, I knew I had to get to the gym asap. I have been ‘accidentally’ avoiding a kickboxing class that I used to go to weekly. It’s an intense class. NON-STOP for 50 minutes. I laced up my sneakers and bolted to class before I changed my mind. I quietly snuck in the last row, completely avoiding my friends up front (who I haven’t seen in a few weeks). After 15 minutes I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. THAT. WAS. ONE. TOUGH. CLASS. Lesson learned…Consistency is key. Happily I was able to walk and not crawl out of class 45 minutes later. Wake up call #2. I’m going to try my hardest to get some full-blown activity in this weekend. It might be a tough one.

I have a surprise for G on Sunday. It’s nearly killing me not to tell. But I’m trying hard. Let’s see if I make it to Sunday.

Happy Weekend Everyone.


who says i have to follow rules!

why hello! ya so i disappeared for a while. it happens.

it’s been crazy in my world. completely redid my old room at my parents house, so my mom can have a nice craft room. i¬†started working out AGAIN. as long as i¬†go back to working out right?!? i¬†started somewhat cooking again. ever since i¬†met the bf over 6 months ago (wow time files) i¬†haven’t really cooked. guess it’s all the going out. which leads me to¬†exploring new and interesting restaurants¬†with the bf. i’ve¬†also been loving Remi (my dog) every moment i¬†get. he is old. and sick. i don’t like to think about the future¬†of him to much.¬†so i don’t. probably not the best idea.

i’ll¬†be back soon with a better update. i promise.

for now.. i¬†must attend to the pile of work that is my desk at the moment. i¬†turn away for 5 seconds and it’s covered again. i’m¬†happy i have a job.


Today is Wednesday August 29, 2012. With school starting a new in nearly every town around me, I often think back to my student teaching days and miss them. Sigh. I can’t have everything and I’m happy with what I have right now. Teaching will happen someday, somewhere, somehow. Boo-yah!

So. This weekend was great. Filled with friends, great concert, yummy wine and good food. Sans any workout! Woops. Monday I MADE myself go to a zumba class. It was great.. I forgot how much I like to shake my butt! Last night got a bit mixed up. Instead of getting jumbled, and skip a workout all together, I hopped in the car and head down to riverwalk. Riverwalk¬†is a .25 of a mile loop outside! Perfect I thought. Run around that a few times and I’ll be good to go. Right? WRONG. I made it around once, then had to walk the second lap. I forgot how hard running outside was. I was so glad I made it OUTSIDE to run. I also forgot how FUN¬†it is. Today is jam-packed so I’m taking the day off!

Day by Day! I should think about getting on that scale, but I’m slightly to terrified! EEEk.

I love Fridays. I love Fridays even more when there is a fun weekend lined up ūüôā

Made it to kickboxing last night. Didn’t ‘really’ get into the class till is was almost over. But hey.. I found a 5:30 class I enjoy. Cheers to that! It was really nice to be all done by 6:30!

AND I went swimming during lunch today. It was quite funny waiting in the with all the seniors to get in the pool at 12 on the dot. Apparently all those male senior citizens love there 12 o’clock laps and if you aren’t in a lane by 12:05 you’re out of luck!! Haha. I laugh just thinking about it. I’m thinking I might need to become friends with my lane buddy Joe.

Salad for lunch, banana & PB + lemon zinger tea for 3pm snack. Bring on dinner baby, starting to get the hang of this eating stuff all over again!


It’s only¬†9:10¬†AM and I think I’ve looked at the clock about 20 times. Sheesh.

All in all, I’m excited about today! Lunching with a great friend is always a plus and I FINALLY have a night to work out.¬†I’m still struggling with finding time and I know I need to make it a priority. But I just let things get in the way. Sometimes¬† I have a valid reason, like class or hanging out with the boy (let’s face it, I rather hang out with him then sweat it out at the gym), but other ‘excuses’¬†just sneak there way¬†to the top of the list. AND THIS I’M NOT PROUD OF. There are some fantastic things coming up in the next few months – possibly a trip somewhere warm in the winter months (side note: It has been on my bucket list for years to go somewhere warm and sandy during the gross/cold/wet/slushy times here. Woot. I hope it works out!) and perhaps a gala – like all cinderella-ish!! So therefore all these small mundane tiny non-sense excuses better get the bleeeem¬†out of here. I don’t have time for you. I got pounds to lose, arms to sculpt, and walking in heels to practice.¬†Plus being in the arms of your man is SO MUCH BETTER when you feel good about yourself and not like a whale. Just sayin!

So there. Bye-bye excuses. Why hello nice new workout schedule. I think we should be friends ūüôā

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