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But first…

So half of the filet that was left over from Friday.. became this… just added in some red/orange peppers, an onion, a can of mini corns, a can of water chestnut, a bag of shrimp and some teriyaki¬†sauce. I ran to the store after an early zumba class, which was actually just ok. I can’t stand when people are standing right on top of each other. There was one girl RIGHT in back of me, gonna like tailgating… I really just want to smack her. Don’t worry.. I didn’t ūüôā ¬†I had all intentions of whipping this up, ¬†but G was standing there in the kitchen. He always makes this taste so much better so he took the reins of this one. The original dinner was served over one cup brown rice. The photo was today’s left over lunch ūüôā

While home for lunch this happened….

I’ve seen this all over the web. So I had to try. There are 6 balls of aluminum foil under that chicken. Just added some rosemary and EVOO, S&P and a dash of garlic powder. We shall see what I come home to. I’ve never been one to leave a crock pot going at home while I am at work, BUT… I didn’t see another option.

Excited for a loud head banging night full of music at kickboxing. Well, really, just an hour of it… I’m not sure my old ears could take much more.



Wow, it’s already Thursday. This week is flying by. I’ve crossed somethings off my list and added others. The cycle continues.

Yesterday was a blink of an eye kind of day. You know the ones, when you look at the clock and it’s already 3:30. Yup. I like days like that. FINALLY got all my Christmas presents out too. The guest bed is clear of all things Christmas. I was a bit behind. But got it done and it felt great. I was able to catch up with a friend over dinner. Yes. Another feeling of greatness:)

I got home and all I could think about was my crockpot. Sad. Maybe. Exciting. Yes. BUT. I didn’t have a recipe at hand. I quickly browsed through some crockpot books and couldn’t find a damn thing. Next best thing… throw whatever in and hope for the best!!

everything in the photo above, plus some last-minute broccoli:) See that little bag, that could easily be mistaken for something else? That is masala power I got from a street fair in NYC a while back. I’ve been wanting to use it. NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT.

I said a little prayer, did a little dance and went to sleep. Woke up to a house full of masala chicken! Very different from my normal coffee aroma in the AM!

I had my little creation for breakfast and lunch. It was mighty tasty:)

I really LOVE my crockpot. But I don’t love the huge amount of food. Anyone need dinner?!?!?

A back to business meeting tonight, followed by a plop on the couch!

(Working hard to get this blog out of and officially to!) Boo-yah! 

Ahh. What a NYE celebration! Things I learned:

1. It’s great when you remember the entire evening. – Haven’t in years!

2. Being in cozy pjs, under a warm blanket, drinking champagne and eating sugar cookies must be done more often.

3. Hanging with friends always makes everything better.

4. Waking up refreshed and ready to start the new year is so rewarding!

5. Feasting on a NYE day brunch must become a new tradition.

I start with a photo of Maine. Actually it’s the backyard of my friends house. I threaten daily that I might move in. LOL.

NYE Dinner

(How can you eat these guys without photo documentation?!?)

Perfect NYE dinner!

Brunch was out of this world. And involved A LOT of food:) Just a sampling.

Most interesting drink yet. Tangerine juice, champagne, rosemary, cranberries and a few other things.

Beef Pops w. Pineapple and Parsley Sauce – HOLY CRAP! Check them out.

Hi Sunshine! My friends have a 90 gal salt water tank in their family room. The fish weren’t named prior to my arrive. Now.. some have names:)

It was truly a great relaxing weekend in Maine!

Yesterday was kind of slap in the face. The time just went clicking by. It was nearly 6:30 and I was still in my cube:( I just didn’t have it in me to push and fight through all the ‘resolution-ers’ at the gym. I opted to make a healthy meal instead. Eating is half the battle to losing weight. I was over at Carrots’n’Cake and Tina posted a great broccoli¬†soup recipe. First, I had to head to the store. I had NOTHING at my house. And then I ended up with this.

Yeah. I guess I kind of got carried away with the buy 1 get 2 free. Anyone want to come over for some potatoes and chicken?!?!? I happily put most of the chicken in the freezer. I am now stocked for a snowy day. PS- It’s FREEZING and there is NO SNOW. I don’t mind it being this cold if there is snow.. but if there is no snow that creates a bit of a problem.. LOL

Broccoli Soup

Honestly, it was a healthy recipe and it kind of tasted that way ūüė¶ What ever.. it was a hot home cooked meal. Check out the recipe here if you’d like. I will be trying this again and perhaps follow the recipe a bit better. I really hate following recipes, in the new year I will try better:)

Yummy clementines¬†for dessert!! I’m trying hard here people. I could have easily downed a chocolate sundae!

Oh and the Lucas V got a new living environment!

Now.. let’s go conquer the world! Or work on the to-do list.. LOL


I¬†tend to be a procrastinator. I think it may be in my blood. I try to overcome this small trait all the time, but sometimes it gets the best of me. I’ve been pretty good this year, I’ve crossed off a few things of my News Years resolution¬†list. Wait.. I think I called them life style changes. Either way, I’ve made some progress. And Hell… losing a few more pounds is much better then gaining a few. Yes, granted I could have, should have lost MORE. I’m pretty happy in all other departments in my life as well. Yeah, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, but I’m finally able to accept¬†who I am. So I sit here and write, I have ONE month left to ramp things up. Note: probably the worst time to attempt to ramp the healthy living up.. the Christmas parties, get togethers, cake, cookies, etc. are just sooo¬†darn good. But if I don’t kick myself in the butt¬†every now and again, I might end up where I was 2 years ago… absolutely miserable. So… here is my DEC 2012 kick in the butt:)

Well, now that we got that outta the way. Life has been pretty hectic. I feel like I already have all the dates to 2012 down pat. See‚Ķ I did the calendar at work, yup, days off, trade shows, pay days are all set. I’m working on a calendar project for my class. Oh and I’ve added calendars to my web-site too. And let’s not forget the planner I basically live my life out of. My planner was missing for a few hours the other day and I kind of freaked out. I then realized Leah.. REALLY? You need pieces of paper to tell you where and when you should be somewhere. And I decided. Why.. yes I do! So ask my any holiday in 2012 and I’ll be able to rattle it off to you:)

My food intake has been quite ALL OVER THE PLACE these past few days. I kind of just feel like I’m eating to survive, which is never fun in my book. I have been slightly addicted to¬†Justin’s Nut Butter¬†packs. They are so portable and yummy. I actually ripped open a pack on my way to class last night and ate¬†it like a yogurt. Don’t judge. Breakfast this morning was one more + oatmeal with golden raisins¬†and a skinny vanilla latte!

Off to start a WONDERFUL day! I hope you’ll do the same:)

I have A LOT to cover in this post.

1. Thanksgiving.

2. My birthday:)

3. A Bookworm Baby Shower

4. the made from scratch German meal

5. homemade lasagna

Ready. Set. Go.

Thanksgiving was a good. Quite but good. I ended up cooking for the four of us. Mom, Dad and my brother. I only bought a turkey breast so there was no need to get up at 5am and put the bird in the oven. I wanted to get to a zumba class, but decided to stay home and make pumpkin cupcakes instead. One can pumpkin + one box white cake mix + 1/2 cup of water = amazing pumpkin cupcakes. The cream cheese frosting helped too. I made the norm, Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, squash, crescent rolls and some gravy.

My plate. A bit overloaded. Whoops!

After we ate, we all promptly fell asleep! It was a good day!

Friday marked my 28th birthday. I officaly started freaking out a bit. That 30 line is going to be here before I know it! Ahhhhh. I was on the fence about doing some Black Friday shopping. I didn’t REALLY need anything. BUT it was my birthday AND the soda stream looks really cool. BUT… there were lots of buts that morning. I ended up sleeping in:) Nick and Liz headed over early afternoon to head to Stamford for some Christmas browsing.. LOL. We got knocked off our tracks when the vet called and told me I better bring Remi in soon, for his white blood cells where very high. Remi was throwing up earlier in the week and I just knew something was off. So.. off we went to the vet. He ended up getting 2 different shots and meds. After another blood test, Remi in fact has pancreatitis. After 3 days of meds, he is looking and I’m sure feeling much better. The vet told me NON-FATTY foods only for Remi. Which means boiled chicken and plain white rice. I’m thinking I should probably just eat along with Remi.. LOL. So after a brief de-railing we headed to Stamford. We walked around for a bit.. I scored an awesome ski jacket for $50 bucks:) Now I just need to go skiing. We ended up at the Melting Pot for some birthday fondue.

Cheese Fondue

Yummo! It’s a good thing this place isn’t closer! Hehehe.

Chocolate fondue with a birthday candle!!

Heather and Chris were on they way home for NYC and took the train to Darien. The Melting Pot is a hop, skip and jump so they met us for dinner! Yipppie!

Liz, Heather and Me – We all got birthday candles! The Birthdays: mine is the 25th, Heather’s the 26th, and Liz’s is the 30th! No wonder why we get along so well!

What a wonderful birthday!

Saturday was filled with the cutest baby shower I have ever been to! It differently raised the bar. Sam, my friend from college is due Jan 3rd (I think). Sam is an avid reader, and her sister she knew how to incorporate this into her shower! It was a BOOKWORM BABY SHOWER! Sam’s sister Alex made all the decorations:)

There was a table were you could scrapbook a page for the baby’s ABC book. You pick a letter, then pick an object, animal, person, etc that starts with that letter and scrapbook away! It was the cutest idea!

Me and Sam. Can’t wait to meet Baby D!

Cutest favors too!

Cute as a Button Cookies. I may or may not have munch on this while I was stuck on this…

Yup. The good old George Washington Bridge lived up to its name and dumped tons of traffic. I was almost late for a made from scratch German Meal.

I have been friends with Liz since we were 3. Every year her grandmother makes a German meal for Liz’s birthday. I have been hearing about this meal for the past 25 years. Liz mentioned that I was more than welcome to attend and knew I won’t miss it!

Here are the german dumplings being rolled. Each one has a crouton in the middle. Not exactly sure why? Perhaps I should google and find out!

Dumplings getting ready to take a 5-6 minute bath in some very hot water!

Here is Liz’s grandmothers German cookbook. I couldn’t help but snap a photo! This cookbook has been around for many many years. It was so delicate!

Yay for dumplings!

We also had the rest of the german meal, Sauerbraten (which is marinated for 3 days!!!), peas/carrots and pickled cabbage! It was to die for! I hope I get invited next year for Liz’s birthday too! LOL.

Her Mom even made a red velvet cake!

Sunday morning I rolled myself to the gym. Haha. It was not pretty! But definitely needed!! Early evening I headed to my parents for a pre-Christmas test¬†¬†lasagna! My mom plans on making this for Christmas. But she wanted a test run first. I was asked to taste test… don’t have to ask me twice!!!

The verdict. It was a bit runny! We think we know why, so a few minor changes will be made in the future!!

And lastly some yummy dessert!!

We picked this up a while back at a christmas fair in Stamford. 100% natural! Yummy yummy yummy!

Last I checked this was a healthy living blog. Bumping up the healthy living part soon!

1st of all… THANK YOU to those who keep clicking on the site hoping there is a new post! Today is the day! The seconds, minutes and hours just slip by so quickly this time of year! So Thank You ūüôā

So the last time I check my calendar is was around November 22nd. I checked today and it’s already December 8th! (And again checked my calendar today and it’s the 10th! and today it reads Dec 13th!) That means Christmas is right around the corner. Days are running out for ordering things online. Luckily all of my online orders are DONE. Including the 3rd annual Calendar. Which I’m wayyyy to excited about! So when can you start handing out presents?!?!?!

So the other night I was faced with a problem. I had a butternut squash hanging around the kitchen. This said butternut squash has been in my house way to long. It still looked and smell pretty healthy so it was time to cook him up! (EEk. That sounds bad!) Anyway, what do with a butternut squash?!?!? Well I had a can of coconut milk. Hmmm? And a few carrots, an onion and curry powder.. what else to make then….

Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

  • butternut squash – halved and seeded
  • one can coconut soup
  • onion – chopped
  • garlic – chopped
  • S&P
  • coconut milk

Bake Squash until soft.

Meanwhile, saute onion and garlic in a bit of olive oil!

Boil carrots until soft! I blended the carrots with 2 cups water. Can add more water for a more liquid soup!

When the onions are nicely brown add in soft squash, blended carrots and coconut milk! Add in curry and S&P to taste!

Let cook for a while! Then in batches blend.

After reviewing this recipe, I think you could probably add the soft carrots and water to the batch and blend it ALL only once! Hmmmm… might need to test this out ūüôā

Return to pot for another few minutes!

And then enjoy!

This was an unplanned meal then turned out great! Look around you kitchen.. see what you have and go to town ūüôā

Who says you can’t eat ALL day long? Well today I did just that! And although I’m not proud of it.. it was a really tasty day ūüėČ I didn’t photograph 100% of what I ate.. but I got the good stuff!

It started with an apple sandwich.

Two slices of apples with chocolate peanut butter in the middle! A few weeks ago I was at Whole Foods in NYC. They have a peanut butter bar there! In a nutshell… you basically grind your own peanuts that blend into butter! It was really fun!

It was then Farmer Market time! Every Saturday there is a Farmer’s Market right down the street from me. If I’m around town, I always try to go!

Remi wanted NOTHING to do with the camera! Not sure when he decided he was going to be camera-shy!

These were my purchases this weekend. Yummy golden pears and pear tomatoes!! Guess I was in the ‘pear’ kind of mood! I’m already thinking of a fun meal to include this in!

After looking at all that food… I wanted more! At the town apple festival was where it had to be! See next post!

What a weekend! First things first! I met up with one of my friends Samantha… we will refer to her as Sam from here on in:) We agreed to meet in Stamford CT for this get together!¬†I have never had the opportunity to explore Stamford before, so it was great fun! We met at Lord and Taylor, one of my favorite stores ūüôā We then¬†headed to the Town Center .. stores and stores.. oh my! We ended up at the GAP, Banana Republic and a few others! After hours or shopping it was time to stop for lunch. We decided on California Pizza Kitchen.. I love this place!

Pictured here… a Blue Moon! What could be better after a long morning of shopping :0)

Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza!

Caramelized pears, Gorgonzola, Fontina and Mozzarella cheeses, caramelized sweet onions and chopped hazelnuts. Topped with field greens tossed in Gorgonzola ranch dressing. This was the best pizza I have had in a long time! I got it on the whole wheat pizza shell.. which totally completed the pizza!

Still working on the timer shots! This was the best out of 5.. LOL!

The whole time we were shopping, Sam kept pulling out these re-usable bags. I was a bit jealous, as I  forgot mine never thought to bring a re-usable bag to the mall! I ended up buying a re-usable bag from the GAP for 2 bucks! Which was totally worth it! We ended up at OLD NAVY.. and Sam whipped out this!

It’s a usable bag her sister created when she realized she had a surplus of Bible Camp T-shirts left over! I loved it!

The bag is bascially a t-shirt with the arms out off and the bottom sewn together! What a great idea ūüôā

It was so good to catch up with Sam this weekend!

Look out tomorrow, for the 1st race I ran walked in! There is only going up from here!

Well here goes nothing. It’s a bit scary just starting off and writing a post. I have been following many different blogs for months now and I have always wanted to start my own. I went to WordPress and created the site about a month ago. Everyday I have come back and changed this and changed that, but I have yet to REALLY post something. (I was attempting to thank some very special people this morning for hosting my family¬† for brunch on Sunday. I wanted to include some photos and became very frustrated that I couldn’t get them to¬† load. File to big! Boooo. I guess that was my BIG push to get me to where I am right now!)

Newport. I love Newport and everything that is there. The people, the food, the atmosphere, the beaches, the tourists (yes…the tourists), and the beauty that Newport has to offer. This weekend I went back. I had a lot to do, but I managed to get some very special time in with some very special people. Friday night I met, Joan Rivers. Well his real name was ‘Jose something’. And later in the night I¬†met Michael Jackson. Rivers and Jackson were one! Crazy..I know! This was all¬†part of a fundraiser at a school. I’m sad to say I have no photos of this lovely night. ¬†After this amazing event I met Heather out for drinks.


Saturday morning we went to my favorite breakfast place in Newport, The Hungry Monkey. This restaurant has great charm and charisma. A comfy couch with lots of pillows and great food makes this breakfast nook a hit in my book.



Great Place. Great Food. Great Friends. Heather and I split peanut butter, banana and honey stuffed french toast! Amazing!

Then it was time for a lovely walk around town. I love Newport in the Spring. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. There was so much to look at and watch. I must say, Newport has some great beaches. I have been very fortune to live in walking distance for the past 5 years.


Then Liz and Mom arrived for some¬†quality time. We headed to Sweetberry Farms to indulge in some erotic woops…. meant to say exotic… cheeses, crackers, grapes, dips and wine. Everything was yummy! I love Sweetberry. After many hours of sitting, chatting and catching up (after all we didn’t see each other for an entire day..LOL) , we were off to get ready for dinner.



Dinner was crazy good at The Mooring. Located right downtown. I saw the lobster claw on the menu and had to get one. So good. After, Liz and I met up with some great friends Brian and Dave. It was a good time by all. Brought back many memories of summer evenings in Newport. And thoughts of many more to come :0)

Sunday Brunch was delightful. A very big Thank You to Bart and Lisa for hosting my family. Bart made his famous waffles, with bacon, muffins, fruit and whipped cream. We sat outside on the patio and watched the kids play. It was one of the best mornings I’ve had in a while. Thanks again.. Love you guys!!



Here’s to many more wonderful weekends in NEWPORT!


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