I kind of forgot how to do this. I’m hoping it comes back fairly quick. I have a lot to say!

I have been going back and forth on whether to let this part of my life go completely, start a new blog with a new name or continue this one? Honestly I’m not sure what the right answer is. Each day I come up with a different response. But for now, I going to continue on, upward and forward!

So it is a New Year. Time for a clean slate. The newness of everything all over again. An awakening in how to eat again. I almost feel like I need to relearn how to eat. One night during the crazy Christmas eating (i.e. cookies, big dinners, desserts galore) I seriously thought I was going through sugar withdrawal. It was quite scary. Each and every year I say I’m not going to fall in the trap of holiday eating, and sadly I do. Time to relight the fire. Start again. Put some goals on paper. It’s always fun to look back and see how far I came. Without further ado… here they are!

1. Be healthier. Duh. When will this not be #1!

2. Think before I act!

3. Read more. Hope to make in through a full book in 2014 – more than I read in 2013.

4. Write more.

5. Travel. 2013 there was a lot of travel. Hoping 2014 has the same amount! San Diego, Paris, Saratoga Springs are all on the list.

6. Debt begone. LOL. If only there was a button!

7. Be more creative. Either knitting, sewing, pottery classes, web-sites.. just do it.

8. Find some more balance. Almost there, but still needs some work!

9. Be more patient and kind.

10. Have fun and love life… everyday won’t be amazing but working through the downs and enjoying the ups!

And there it is.

Now off to conquer something on this list.