But first…

So half of the filet that was left over from Friday.. became this… just added in some red/orange peppers, an onion, a can of mini corns, a can of water chestnut, a bag of shrimp and some teriyaki sauce. I ran to the store after an early zumba class, which was actually just ok. I can’t stand when people are standing right on top of each other. There was one girl RIGHT in back of me, gonna like tailgating… I really just want to smack her. Don’t worry.. I didn’t 🙂  I had all intentions of whipping this up,  but G was standing there in the kitchen. He always makes this taste so much better so he took the reins of this one. The original dinner was served over one cup brown rice. The photo was today’s left over lunch 🙂

While home for lunch this happened….

I’ve seen this all over the web. So I had to try. There are 6 balls of aluminum foil under that chicken. Just added some rosemary and EVOO, S&P and a dash of garlic powder. We shall see what I come home to. I’ve never been one to leave a crock pot going at home while I am at work, BUT… I didn’t see another option.

Excited for a loud head banging night full of music at kickboxing. Well, really, just an hour of it… I’m not sure my old ears could take much more.