Day 1 is over. When talking to the G last night, it was crazy to talk about the day….  since when do I get that much done?

The day in bulleted form.

  • WW meeting
  • Work
  • Driving 1/2 hr to get a banner fixed.
  • Quick stop at Marshalls. (My footwear was seriously lacking!)
  • Attempting to find food for lunch. (It’s now 2:30.. ended up @ Subway. It could have been MUCH worse!)
    More work.
  • Quick trip to a Hallmark store that is closing. 50% off EVERYTHING. Couldn’t miss it.
  • Class 6-8:30
  • Dinner ??? – Must be something healthy.. right?!?!?! Guess Mickey D’s ain’t gonna cut it anymore.
    Some ebaying stuff.
  • And finally some chatting.


Lessons learned. I better start bringing healthy snacks with me at all times. I need to STOP over booking myself. When I have a million things to do, I need to pick one. Just one and DO IT.

TJ Chile Lime Chicken Burger, bread, lettuce, 1/2 a cuke and a sugar-free pudding!

Dinner Day 1.. Sad.. it only gets better from here!