who says i have to follow rules!

why hello! ya so i disappeared for a while. it happens.

it’s been crazy in my world. completely redid my old room at my parents house, so my mom can have a nice craft room. i started working out AGAIN. as long as i go back to working out right?!? i started somewhat cooking again. ever since i met the bf over 6 months ago (wow time files) i haven’t really cooked. guess it’s all the going out. which leads me to exploring new and interesting restaurants with the bf. i’ve also been loving Remi (my dog) every moment i get. he is old. and sick. i don’t like to think about the future of him to much. so i don’t. probably not the best idea.

i’ll be back soon with a better update. i promise.

for now.. i must attend to the pile of work that is my desk at the moment. i turn away for 5 seconds and it’s covered again. i’m happy i have a job.