Today is Wednesday August 29, 2012. With school starting a new in nearly every town around me, I often think back to my student teaching days and miss them. Sigh. I can’t have everything and I’m happy with what I have right now. Teaching will happen someday, somewhere, somehow. Boo-yah!

So. This weekend was great. Filled with friends, great concert, yummy wine and good food. Sans any workout! Woops. Monday I MADE myself go to a zumba class. It was great.. I forgot how much I like to shake my butt! Last night got a bit mixed up. Instead of getting jumbled, and skip a workout all together, I hopped in the car and head down to riverwalk. Riverwalk is a .25 of a mile loop outside! Perfect I thought. Run around that a few times and I’ll be good to go. Right? WRONG. I made it around once, then had to walk the second lap. I forgot how hard running outside was. I was so glad I made it OUTSIDE to run. I also forgot how FUN it is. Today is jam-packed so I’m taking the day off!

Day by Day! I should think about getting on that scale, but I’m slightly to terrified! EEEk.