I love Fridays. I love Fridays even more when there is a fun weekend lined up 🙂

Made it to kickboxing last night. Didn’t ‘really’ get into the class till is was almost over. But hey.. I found a 5:30 class I enjoy. Cheers to that! It was really nice to be all done by 6:30!

AND I went swimming during lunch today. It was quite funny waiting in the with all the seniors to get in the pool at 12 on the dot. Apparently all those male senior citizens love there 12 o’clock laps and if you aren’t in a lane by 12:05 you’re out of luck!! Haha. I laugh just thinking about it. I’m thinking I might need to become friends with my lane buddy Joe.

Salad for lunch, banana & PB + lemon zinger tea for 3pm snack. Bring on dinner baby, starting to get the hang of this eating stuff all over again!