It’s only 9:10 AM and I think I’ve looked at the clock about 20 times. Sheesh.

All in all, I’m excited about today! Lunching with a great friend is always a plus and I FINALLY have a night to work out. I’m still struggling with finding time and I know I need to make it a priority. But I just let things get in the way. Sometimes  I have a valid reason, like class or hanging out with the boy (let’s face it, I rather hang out with him then sweat it out at the gym), but other ‘excuses’ just sneak there way to the top of the list. AND THIS I’M NOT PROUD OF. There are some fantastic things coming up in the next few months – possibly a trip somewhere warm in the winter months (side note: It has been on my bucket list for years to go somewhere warm and sandy during the gross/cold/wet/slushy times here. Woot. I hope it works out!) and perhaps a gala – like all cinderella-ish!! So therefore all these small mundane tiny non-sense excuses better get the bleeeem out of here. I don’t have time for you. I got pounds to lose, arms to sculpt, and walking in heels to practice. Plus being in the arms of your man is SO MUCH BETTER when you feel good about yourself and not like a whale. Just sayin!

So there. Bye-bye excuses. Why hello nice new workout schedule. I think we should be friends 🙂