I thought I would just check in. I’ve been gone for an entire month. I wish I could say I was on a Caribbean Island somewhere or hiking in the Grand Canyon or smelling the daffodils in the hills of Holland (eek.. not really sure when daffodil season is there). But. I have no good stories. I’ve been fighting battles and living life. I’ve been fighting off the urge to go home after work and land on the couch for the night. I’ve been fighting off all those bad dates. (Although some are good!) and I’ve been fighting off all those calories. Those calories that somehow thought I wanted them during the holiday season. Well. You have been fun, but now off you go! I never wanted this blog thing to over take my life. I didn’t want to be that blogger who doesn’t post either. So I’ve come to a happy medium. I will blog when I want to! LOL

So here is my month in photos:)

A 30th birthday celebration.

Complete with cake balls.

Playing with a new toy.

Meeting the little miss.

Homemade dinner from scratch! Pasta, Sauce and Meatballs.

Hanging with this boy.

And working on a home for this boy too!

(aka – My Mom’s site is almost ready!)

It was a great month. Now onto more adventures 🙂