Holy Moly weather.. I think I’m in love with you:)

It’s truly amazing what a little exercise can do for you. I really wish there was some way for me to make others realize this! I went to this new boot camp I signed up for this morning. It was a groupon – so incase I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have wasted too much money. Problem is I LIKE it. I have one month to go to as many classes as I want. Then I better get the check book out. I’m going to see what I get out of it first. The prices are pretty steep! Today was just an orientation and a basic mini class. My heart was pumping towards the end. It goes to show how far I let myself go. I have my week lined with classes, some AM some PM. I have lots of weddings to attend in the upcoming months. I will not be fat! So there.

After class I took Remi for a HUGE walk.

We normally go to this park. It’s a 1/4 of a mile loop. Remi hasn’t been able to walk the whole thing in months. Well today he did. He walked the whole way with no help from me. See. We are both improving:) Just made a huge broccoli & onion omelet! Now off to tackle this house, before heading to a web-site meeting!! Um.. I’m on to a new challenge. LOL