I hope to never see this hallway for a very long time.

My dad is home! Yay! He was right on schedule for coming home. The doc said 7-10 days. He was home on day 7! Booo-yah!

Every single night we ended up going out to dinner after spending the majority of the day at the hospital. Let’s say, my waistline expanded as proof. I normally would be pissed, mad, overwhelmed and generally annoyed. BUT. My dad is home and in once piece. (Almost.. he currently is being held together with a few staples!)  It’s ok that the eating went by the wayside this week. For there were more important things to tend too. And let’s not forget the dog, who I’m not sure has seen the light of day in a few days!

Today is Thursday, New Year’s Eve is in 2 days. I plan on enjoying life, and not terribly restricting anything till 1/2/12. But watch out, this blog will be filled with yummy, healthy options. There are quite a few important events coming up in 2012 and I refuse to look and feel the way I do now! So there:) LOL

As for now, there are a few more soft food meals to prepare, prayers to be said, and huge plans for 2012 to be created. Oh and some other fun things to be shared soon too!