What a Christmas this has been. I’m trying to remain in the Christmas spirit to the best of my ability. Yet, I find myself slipping as the days go by. It’s now Christmas. So I feel like I have made it, it some weird way! I am now looking forward to a clean slate in 2012. Only 6 more days to go! 2012 is the year! The year I conquer the world. (Or the world of Leah.. LOL)

A surprise present for the best landlords:

I received a beautiful Poinsettia  Plant. Remi received a cute bumble bee – he can’t really see it, but he can definitely smell it!

I also received a huge bag of chocolate covered pretzels! Now, I could have easily eaten the entire bag with NO PROBLEM. But, I decided to take a few out, place them in a cute bowl and focus when I ate!

It worked!! For the afternoon. But then we got back from the hospital and I was hungry. I couldn’t get my act together soon enough and a few more were eaten. I eventually was able to get the tree pizza out of the oven and in my belly. Merry Christmas to me!!

So far today has been filled with hanging with my Dad at the hospital. Oh and a few word search puzzles have been completed as well!

Merry Christmas!!