So I’m trying like hell to break some old bad habits before the New Year starts. See. In the New Year, I want to be able to run, jump up and down, take hour-long spin classes, practice the perfect yoga pose, fit into that cute black dress, zip up my jeans without wondering if I’ll get that ‘omg-I-can’t-breath-these-pants-are-too-tight’ feeling’, hike up a mountain, and perhaps swim the sound. I’m not going to be able to do that if my bad habits sneak back up on me:( They were knocking at the door and I opened it slightly. I’m now closing it firmly. But I needed something to take up my time. This week has been pretty stressful too! I normally would rely on my bad habits to de-stress (when in the long run, was probably just adding to the stress)!! So in order to take up sometime this morning, I dug out my grandma’s SEWING MACHINE! When my grandma died, she left me a very powerful machine. A machine I have pulled out a few times over the years! I decided I want to make something cute and lovable. So I made Hoot!

I just googled teddy bear sewing patterns and somehow this little guy popped up! I must say, my house is now a total mess. I had to go digging for fabric, buttons, bobbins and everything else needed to create this little guy!!

I decided to take him to the hospital to hang with my Dad! My Dad had emergency surgery on Wednesday night and has been in the hospital recovering. His room is so hospital-ish. (Which I know it should be!) BUT.. it needs some color. Or an owl named Hoot:)

So. Step one for me. Replace an old habit with a new good habit. For me.. today.. that meant digging out the sewing machine. It may be the same tomorrow, or something completely different! It’s all about finding the things that make you relax, give you comfort and ease the stress:)