What is with it and this weekends that are almost non-existence?!?! I know I may sound like I’m complaining.. but secretly I love it. I love when I’m busy and productive!!!

This weekend started with a Pampered Chef Show on Friday @ Liz’s house. I love how her Mom has everything all decorated and set to go!!

Merry Christmas!

Aaaaaaaa-mazing creme puffs! These cream puffs are known throughout town. Once they hit the table, you better make a bee line for it… or sadly they will be gone!

Saturday morning there as a craft fair @ my old elementary school. I haven’t stepped foot in the building for 10+ years. So I knew I should go! Whoa.. did it bring back memories!!

The down stairs hall.

My 2nd grade classroom. Boy have things changed!

It was fun to walk around and reminisce about old times. After my old school we headed to the Governors’ Mansion. Well.. I guess you could say my brother dragged me. LOL. It was fun, + we had a great lunch with a surprise visitor!!

Apparently this is where the governor sits down and relaxes!! Not sure when.. but that is the story they tell!

I RSVP-ed YES to Christmas dinner! LOL

Someday I’ll have an Eiffel Tower of my own to hang on my tree!

Make sure you VOTE!

Lunch was @ Trumbull Kitchen. One of my favorite restaurants in Hartford.

Started with bread/poppers & apple butter spread + a blue moon. Holy Yum!

Followed by a salad….. (attempting to get as many veggies in my meals as possible!)

….. and sweet potatoes & shrimp fritters!

My brother and I split the pad thai..

AND then Santa came!! It was such a great day.

Slowly but surely I’m getting into the Christmas Spirit! I even bought a table top tree last night, along my carrots and celery for the week!! LOL I dug out all the Christmas gear and started to decorate! Fun times!

And now it’s already Monday morning! Wah. Just kidding.. I’m looking forward to a great week! The goal this week is to eat @ home, or from home for every meal (except for Tuesday.. special Christmas Party Dinner @ another amazing restaurant). Hoping the week flies by.. I have some VERY IMPORTANT things coming up!

Cheers to Holiday Spirit!!