I’m starting to love sushi. I’ve done some raw in the past. But not this time. I stuck to the cooked stuff. I think I could eat sushi everyday! Well, maybe every other day! There is a great place down the road.. cheap too! $10 bucks and your out the door! What every sushi meal needs in the end…

Still trying to figure out the meaning behind this one!! Guess I’m talking toooo much and not listening enough! Something I’ve been working. Must work harder! 

The birthday celebrations continued last night. Wednesday was another birthday around here! So yesterday, we celebrated Liz’s BD. We had a great italian dinner @ the best restaurant!  But then decided to grab dessert @ another one. We knew it would be worth it!

Almond ice cream on top of fresh made waffles with a drizzles of caramel and chocolate!

AND today I feel like a beached whale! Guess I deserve it!