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I hope to never see this hallway for a very long time.

My dad is home! Yay! He was right on schedule for coming home. The doc said 7-10 days. He was home on day 7! Booo-yah!

Every single night we ended up going out to dinner after spending the majority of the day at the hospital. Let’s say, my waistline expanded as proof. I normally would be pissed, mad, overwhelmed and generally annoyed. BUT. My dad is home and in once piece. (Almost.. he currently is being held together with a few staples!)  It’s ok that the eating went by the wayside this week. For there were more important things to tend too. And let’s not forget the dog, who I’m not sure has seen the light of day in a few days!

Today is Thursday, New Year’s Eve is in 2 days. I plan on enjoying life, and not terribly restricting anything till 1/2/12. But watch out, this blog will be filled with yummy, healthy options. There are quite a few important events coming up in 2012 and I refuse to look and feel the way I do now! So there:) LOL

As for now, there are a few more soft food meals to prepare, prayers to be said, and huge plans for 2012 to be created. Oh and some other fun things to be shared soon too!



What a Christmas this has been. I’m trying to remain in the Christmas spirit to the best of my ability. Yet, I find myself slipping as the days go by. It’s now Christmas. So I feel like I have made it, it some weird way! I am now looking forward to a clean slate in 2012. Only 6 more days to go! 2012 is the year! The year I conquer the world. (Or the world of Leah.. LOL)

A surprise present for the best landlords:

I received a beautiful Poinsettia  Plant. Remi received a cute bumble bee – he can’t really see it, but he can definitely smell it!

I also received a huge bag of chocolate covered pretzels! Now, I could have easily eaten the entire bag with NO PROBLEM. But, I decided to take a few out, place them in a cute bowl and focus when I ate!

It worked!! For the afternoon. But then we got back from the hospital and I was hungry. I couldn’t get my act together soon enough and a few more were eaten. I eventually was able to get the tree pizza out of the oven and in my belly. Merry Christmas to me!!

So far today has been filled with hanging with my Dad at the hospital. Oh and a few word search puzzles have been completed as well!

Merry Christmas!!

So I’m trying like hell to break some old bad habits before the New Year starts. See. In the New Year, I want to be able to run, jump up and down, take hour-long spin classes, practice the perfect yoga pose, fit into that cute black dress, zip up my jeans without wondering if I’ll get that ‘omg-I-can’t-breath-these-pants-are-too-tight’ feeling’, hike up a mountain, and perhaps swim the sound. I’m not going to be able to do that if my bad habits sneak back up on me:( They were knocking at the door and I opened it slightly. I’m now closing it firmly. But I needed something to take up my time. This week has been pretty stressful too! I normally would rely on my bad habits to de-stress (when in the long run, was probably just adding to the stress)!! So in order to take up sometime this morning, I dug out my grandma’s SEWING MACHINE! When my grandma died, she left me a very powerful machine. A machine I have pulled out a few times over the years! I decided I want to make something cute and lovable. So I made Hoot!

I just googled teddy bear sewing patterns and somehow this little guy popped up! I must say, my house is now a total mess. I had to go digging for fabric, buttons, bobbins and everything else needed to create this little guy!!

I decided to take him to the hospital to hang with my Dad! My Dad had emergency surgery on Wednesday night and has been in the hospital recovering. His room is so hospital-ish. (Which I know it should be!) BUT.. it needs some color. Or an owl named Hoot:)

So. Step one for me. Replace an old habit with a new good habit. For me.. today.. that meant digging out the sewing machine. It may be the same tomorrow, or something completely different! It’s all about finding the things that make you relax, give you comfort and ease the stress:)


I’M BACK. I know I have been a bit distant lately! There have been lots of things going on in my life. Often this blog was at the top of this list, but as the hours passed by each day, I never got around to updating. When I start to read a new blog, consistency is one of the first things I notice. If it’s the same post numerous days in a row, I pass the blog by. I may never know what I have missed. The awesome ideas, recipes and general out look of life from the blogger. I have tried many different ways to keep this blog up to date. Remember the 60 day challenge. Yeah. I think I made it to day 30. Day 34 was a picture of your other half. I thought long and hard. Other half? Maybe I should just take a photo of my legs? Or just my upper half? Or post yet one more photo of Remi? I thought long and hard for a few days, and then just skipped the whole stupid challenge anyway. That brings me to the term challenge. says the following:



1. a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.
2. something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle, contest, special effort, etc.: Space exploration offers a challenge to human kind.
3. a call to fight, as a battle, a duel, etc.
4. a demand to explain, justify, etc.: a challenge to the treasurer to itemize expenditures.
5. difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulating to one engaged in it.
LIFE is a challenge. A challenge I don’t want to call stupid and just pass by. This is one that involves contests, skill and strength. Definitely a daily fight. And a huge undertaking that is amazingly stimulating each and every day.
So. I’m not saying I accept the challenge. I already accepted it a while ago. I’m re-lighting the fire. The fire that almost burned out. It’s gonna take some time to get up to that bon fire I love and miss so much.
I leave with some fun things that have been a happening’…
somewhat healthy dinners….
trees on sidewalks….
the ‘big’ tree with a great friend….
yummy treats from professors….
finding hidden stores….
the annual christmas carol…
christmas parties….
photography lessons….
and life lessons.
I will try my best to keep this blog updated. Baby steps right?!?!?!

What is with it and this weekends that are almost non-existence?!?! I know I may sound like I’m complaining.. but secretly I love it. I love when I’m busy and productive!!!

This weekend started with a Pampered Chef Show on Friday @ Liz’s house. I love how her Mom has everything all decorated and set to go!!

Merry Christmas!

Aaaaaaaa-mazing creme puffs! These cream puffs are known throughout town. Once they hit the table, you better make a bee line for it… or sadly they will be gone!

Saturday morning there as a craft fair @ my old elementary school. I haven’t stepped foot in the building for 10+ years. So I knew I should go! Whoa.. did it bring back memories!!

The down stairs hall.

My 2nd grade classroom. Boy have things changed!

It was fun to walk around and reminisce about old times. After my old school we headed to the Governors’ Mansion. Well.. I guess you could say my brother dragged me. LOL. It was fun, + we had a great lunch with a surprise visitor!!

Apparently this is where the governor sits down and relaxes!! Not sure when.. but that is the story they tell!

I RSVP-ed YES to Christmas dinner! LOL

Someday I’ll have an Eiffel Tower of my own to hang on my tree!

Make sure you VOTE!

Lunch was @ Trumbull Kitchen. One of my favorite restaurants in Hartford.

Started with bread/poppers & apple butter spread + a blue moon. Holy Yum!

Followed by a salad….. (attempting to get as many veggies in my meals as possible!)

….. and sweet potatoes & shrimp fritters!

My brother and I split the pad thai..

AND then Santa came!! It was such a great day.

Slowly but surely I’m getting into the Christmas Spirit! I even bought a table top tree last night, along my carrots and celery for the week!! LOL I dug out all the Christmas gear and started to decorate! Fun times!

And now it’s already Monday morning! Wah. Just kidding.. I’m looking forward to a great week! The goal this week is to eat @ home, or from home for every meal (except for Tuesday.. special Christmas Party Dinner @ another amazing restaurant). Hoping the week flies by.. I have some VERY IMPORTANT things coming up!

Cheers to Holiday Spirit!!


I’m starting to love sushi. I’ve done some raw in the past. But not this time. I stuck to the cooked stuff. I think I could eat sushi everyday! Well, maybe every other day! There is a great place down the road.. cheap too! $10 bucks and your out the door! What every sushi meal needs in the end…

Still trying to figure out the meaning behind this one!! Guess I’m talking toooo much and not listening enough! Something I’ve been working. Must work harder! 

The birthday celebrations continued last night. Wednesday was another birthday around here! So yesterday, we celebrated Liz’s BD. We had a great italian dinner @ the best restaurant!  But then decided to grab dessert @ another one. We knew it would be worth it!

Almond ice cream on top of fresh made waffles with a drizzles of caramel and chocolate!

AND today I feel like a beached whale! Guess I deserve it!

I tend to be a procrastinator. I think it may be in my blood. I try to overcome this small trait all the time, but sometimes it gets the best of me. I’ve been pretty good this year, I’ve crossed off a few things of my News Years resolution list. Wait.. I think I called them life style changes. Either way, I’ve made some progress. And Hell… losing a few more pounds is much better then gaining a few. Yes, granted I could have, should have lost MORE. I’m pretty happy in all other departments in my life as well. Yeah, there is ALWAYS room for improvement, but I’m finally able to accept who I am. So I sit here and write, I have ONE month left to ramp things up. Note: probably the worst time to attempt to ramp the healthy living up.. the Christmas parties, get togethers, cake, cookies, etc. are just sooo darn good. But if I don’t kick myself in the butt every now and again, I might end up where I was 2 years ago… absolutely miserable. So… here is my DEC 2012 kick in the butt:)

Well, now that we got that outta the way. Life has been pretty hectic. I feel like I already have all the dates to 2012 down pat. See… I did the calendar at work, yup, days off, trade shows, pay days are all set. I’m working on a calendar project for my class. Oh and I’ve added calendars to my web-site too. And let’s not forget the planner I basically live my life out of. My planner was missing for a few hours the other day and I kind of freaked out. I then realized Leah.. REALLY? You need pieces of paper to tell you where and when you should be somewhere. And I decided. Why.. yes I do! So ask my any holiday in 2012 and I’ll be able to rattle it off to you:)

My food intake has been quite ALL OVER THE PLACE these past few days. I kind of just feel like I’m eating to survive, which is never fun in my book. I have been slightly addicted to Justin’s Nut Butter packs. They are so portable and yummy. I actually ripped open a pack on my way to class last night and ate it like a yogurt. Don’t judge. Breakfast this morning was one more + oatmeal with golden raisins and a skinny vanilla latte!

Off to start a WONDERFUL day! I hope you’ll do the same:)

December 2011
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