I have A LOT to cover in this post.

1. Thanksgiving.

2. My birthday:)

3. A Bookworm Baby Shower

4. the made from scratch German meal

5. homemade lasagna

Ready. Set. Go.

Thanksgiving was a good. Quite but good. I ended up cooking for the four of us. Mom, Dad and my brother. I only bought a turkey breast so there was no need to get up at 5am and put the bird in the oven. I wanted to get to a zumba class, but decided to stay home and make pumpkin cupcakes instead. One can pumpkin + one box white cake mix + 1/2 cup of water = amazing pumpkin cupcakes. The cream cheese frosting helped too. I made the norm, Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, squash, crescent rolls and some gravy.

My plate. A bit overloaded. Whoops!

After we ate, we all promptly fell asleep! It was a good day!

Friday marked my 28th birthday. I officaly started freaking out a bit. That 30 line is going to be here before I know it! Ahhhhh. I was on the fence about doing some Black Friday shopping. I didn’t REALLY need anything. BUT it was my birthday AND the soda stream looks really cool. BUT… there were lots of buts that morning. I ended up sleeping in:) Nick and Liz headed over early afternoon to head to Stamford for some Christmas browsing.. LOL. We got knocked off our tracks when the vet called and told me I better bring Remi in soon, for his white blood cells where very high. Remi was throwing up earlier in the week and I just knew something was off. So.. off we went to the vet. He ended up getting 2 different shots and meds. After another blood test, Remi in fact has pancreatitis. After 3 days of meds, he is looking and I’m sure feeling much better. The vet told me NON-FATTY foods only for Remi. Which means boiled chicken and plain white rice. I’m thinking I should probably just eat along with Remi.. LOL. So after a brief de-railing we headed to Stamford. We walked around for a bit.. I scored an awesome ski jacket for $50 bucks:) Now I just need to go skiing. We ended up at the Melting Pot for some birthday fondue.

Cheese Fondue

Yummo! It’s a good thing this place isn’t closer! Hehehe.

Chocolate fondue with a birthday candle!!

Heather and Chris were on they way home for NYC and took the train to Darien. The Melting Pot is a hop, skip and jump so they met us for dinner! Yipppie!

Liz, Heather and Me – We all got birthday candles! The Birthdays: mine is the 25th, Heather’s the 26th, and Liz’s is the 30th! No wonder why we get along so well!

What a wonderful birthday!

Saturday was filled with the cutest baby shower I have ever been to! It differently raised the bar. Sam, my friend from college is due Jan 3rd (I think). Sam is an avid reader, and her sister she knew how to incorporate this into her shower! It was a BOOKWORM BABY SHOWER! Sam’s sister Alex made all the decorations:)

There was a table were you could scrapbook a page for the baby’s ABC book. You pick a letter, then pick an object, animal, person, etc that starts with that letter and scrapbook away! It was the cutest idea!

Me and Sam. Can’t wait to meet Baby D!

Cutest favors too!

Cute as a Button Cookies. I may or may not have munch on this while I was stuck on this…

Yup. The good old George Washington Bridge lived up to its name and dumped tons of traffic. I was almost late for a made from scratch German Meal.

I have been friends with Liz since we were 3. Every year her grandmother makes a German meal for Liz’s birthday. I have been hearing about this meal for the past 25 years. Liz mentioned that I was more than welcome to attend and knew I won’t miss it!

Here are the german dumplings being rolled. Each one has a crouton in the middle. Not exactly sure why? Perhaps I should google and find out!

Dumplings getting ready to take a 5-6 minute bath in some very hot water!

Here is Liz’s grandmothers German cookbook. I couldn’t help but snap a photo! This cookbook has been around for many many years. It was so delicate!

Yay for dumplings!

We also had the rest of the german meal, Sauerbraten (which is marinated for 3 days!!!), peas/carrots and pickled cabbage! It was to die for! I hope I get invited next year for Liz’s birthday too! LOL.

Her Mom even made a red velvet cake!

Sunday morning I rolled myself to the gym. Haha. It was not pretty! But definitely needed!! Early evening I headed to my parents for a pre-Christmas test  lasagna! My mom plans on making this for Christmas. But she wanted a test run first. I was asked to taste test… don’t have to ask me twice!!!

The verdict. It was a bit runny! We think we know why, so a few minor changes will be made in the future!!

And lastly some yummy dessert!!

We picked this up a while back at a christmas fair in Stamford. 100% natural! bellaberries.com Yummy yummy yummy!

Last I checked this was a healthy living blog. Bumping up the healthy living part soon!