and surprisingly it has nothing to do with men. I’m sad that my dog is leaving me. He is dying. He is sick, has diabetes and can’t hear really well. I know we all are going to die, but it’s hard. It’s hard to think he won’t be there anymore when I come home. He won’t be there to snuggle or wag his tail when he hears his cookie jar cling. Sometimes I think it’s the worst possible thing ever. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to feel like. But Remi and I have had some amazing memories this last few years. Cape trips, doctor visits, road trips to visit friends. We went to doggie play group in RI and wandered the streets for NPT for hours. Even getting mildly attacked my the upstairs dog. (Scary in the moment.. but funny now!) I know his time here with me is almost up and I get sad EVERY SINGLE time I think of it. My eyes tear up and it’s hard for me to focus. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m giving thanks to Remi, my amazing dog, who is still here with me (for the time being). I am thankful for much more than just my Remi. But this post is all about him:)