Howdy! I have some blog catching up to do! First of all.. this is day 4 of consecutive excercise at the gym. I’m feeling a little sore, but whatever hormones spike when you work out sure does keep you in a better mood. Yay! Or maybe the fact that there is only 1 day of work left this week has something to do with it!

This weekend was kind of a blur. Weekends just Goooooooooo.. sometimes without the acknowledgment that they are going to fast.. LOL. My Friday night date was good. Not great. Not bad. But GOOD. Saturday was equally as OK. Whenever I’m super busy, it’s always hard for me to come down off that craziness. When I have nothing planned or a minute to breathe sometimes I freak out! I know I’m weird. What can I say!!! But I’m very thankful for some great friends that can bring me back down to earth and snap me out of my funk!

So let me bring you to Sunday. I was on a few days ago looking around and saw there was a 5k in Stratford, CT this weekend. I didn’t have any place to be Sunday morning at 8:30am. But I didn’t sign up online, because I sign up for races and then never go. I might as well just rip up the $$$. Anyway, Saturday night I was home; cleaning, organizing, hanging with Remi and I decided, why shouldn’t I go? I didn’t have anyone to run with, which kind of freaked me out. But. I enjoy running alone anyway, so I won’t have anyone to hang out with before and after.. who cares. So I went. I left early, walked up to the registration booth handed over my $20, got my bib, t-shirt and swag bag and headed back to my car to wait. I got there at 7:35am, race didn’t start till 8:30am. So I sat. And waited. Eventually 8:25am rolled around and I was ready to rock it!

Pre-race shot of the beach. Yes. A beach in CT!!!

Everyone gathering to get bibs, shirts and swag:)

Part of the run was right along the beach! So pretty.

I asked a nice lady to quickly snap a pic of me. I told her I was challenging myself to run 30 races before I turned 30. She thought I was CRAZY!

After a somewhat quick 3.1 miles, it was time to head off to the casino to finally celebrate Nick’s 21st BD!

One happy camper. He won something like $20 on his first spin. And promptly lost it! Whoops!

We had an early dinner at Michael Jordans. At this point the FREE mini beers were catching up with me. (I didn’t know that if you are ‘playing’ they will just keep bringing you drinks. Liz and I sat up at the bar, and played blackjack! It was GREAT. I was even up $60! But then just kept hitting the wrong buttons and lost it… bahahaha!) Nick was up $40, Liz was up $20, I was down:( So it was perfect time to EAT! I was also reminded at this time, that this would be a perfect blogging meal. However, I only had 3% battery left on my iPhone. Enough life to grab a few last photos!

Yummy calamari. For dinner, I had a GIANT burger and sweet potatoes fries. It was perfect:)

Oh.. while Nick was at the tables, Liz and I did some ‘window’ shopping. We headed into Sephora and I fell in love with this gold glittery nail polish! It was a ‘I HAVE TO HAVE THIS NOW’ moment. So I splurged! And when I checked out, the lady said, Happy Birthday and put this in my bag!


What a great Sunday:)