HAPPY FRIDAY! I can’t believe how happy I am it’s Friday. I haven’t been this happy about a Friday in a while. I have no scheduled work this weekend! Yippie. I always have work to do, business work as well as personal work, but nothing set in stone! I’m one happy camper. I’m even a bit more excited because I have a hot date tonight! There are a million things running through my head. But I must remain,  cool, calm and collected!!! I met this guy a while ago on-line. A few weeks ago we met for dinner. It went amazingly well. I normally like to chat with the person on the phone before meeting up. However, this time around we just e-mailed back and forth a few times to make a plan! I kind of went into it as… oh well.. let’s see what this guy is all about! I didn’t google search him before hand. I know.. the horror! Anyway, I have done my research. This guy looks legit on paper.. I was even able to find his 2-page resume online. I would like to believe my stalking skills have improved, but this dude made it almost too easy. first name.com. Not something to hard to figure out. We were chatting the other day about internet identity and what pops up when sometime ‘googles’ you! I guess I have never really thought about that for my own name.. yet I have ‘googled’ many others!

My thoughts today are: When is it the right time to let someone in? Allowing them to be a ‘friend’ on FB? Meeting friends and family? I’m pretty new to this whole dating scene. Yes, I’ve had quite a few dates in my time. However, there have only really been a handful of guys who I actually would have loved to hang on to a bit longer. I don’t want to shield myself away from this guy, but I don’t necessarily want to lay everything out on a silver platter. But why not? I don’t have anything to hide. Whoa. TO MUCH THINKING.

Boxing was de-railed last night. However, a nice and easy 3.1 run took its place! I must say I woke up feeling better, but my back is now in a bit of a funk!

Only 7 hours until date time. I kind of feel like a little kid getting toooo excited.