It is taking all my effort not to get up and march right back to the kitchen and get myself a handful of Lindt Chocolate Truffles. Argh. I can feel my stomach protruding and yes right over my jeans! I can feel the back of my neck tightening up and my back in general start to hurt. NO MORE LINDT. So I’m here, in my little piece of the internet to write. I’ve been keeping up with my bloggers, even thought I may not have been here lately. I’m sad to see some go and really happy for others continuing on their journeys! Jenn from is getting ready for some skin removal sugary tomorrow. I am soooo very excited for her. She lives out in MN and I often find myself going to her blog. I feel like she is real and has come from a place similar to mine. She didn’t have 15 or 20 pounds to lose, but she lost 150 pounds. Purely amazing:) My goal (to reach at some point) is to lose 100 pounds. Now, I know a number is just a number and it depends on how you feel blah, blah, blah. But that number is very important to me!

Wow, I feel slightly better and the urge to head to the kitchen is SLIGHTLY gone. More typing shall a cure. So I haven’t really updated this blog in a week and a half. I’m sorry. Each day I see, say or taste something that I know would be wonderful on here. It’s finding the time to get it out on the web that is tricky! So I will do a brief update NOW.

1. I may or my not have a new cat. – The neighbors packed up their 2 cars and moved to FL. They left their cat. My landlords told me his name is Smokey. I’m really not sure what to do about Smokey. I’m not really a cat person, but he is awfully cute and fun to have around. I have yet to let him inside though. I feed him in the morning and at night and he currently sleeps on my landlords porch. I so just want to adopt him and take him in. I’m not really sure what is holding me back. I suppose it’s the extra $$$ that might be causing this delayed reaction.

Smokey doesn’t take the best pics yet!!

2. It was Remi’s 12th birthday on November 16th! My baby is getting BIG.. LOL.

3. I ran over the bridge! – This past Sunday, was the Newport Pell Bridge Run. I did it! It was a total of 4 miles and it felt great. I had a mini-enlightment in the middle of the run.. tears and all:) It was a wonderful feeling!

It was  a GREAT day! I keep reliving the run over and over again and it went by sooooo quick! I have the racing bug again I just want to sign up for them all. LOL. Don’t worry I’m not. But I do have my sights set on 2, one is a santa run, the other run is up in ME near some friends. We shall see:)

5. The November birthdays were celebrated.

Brian, Me, Ryan and Heather. I miss my NPT friends soooo much.

Well. So far so good. No truffle. And just committed myself to a 7pm boxing class.

Now.. to figure out InDesign before I throw my whole computer out the window… or perhaps at someones head!