Happy 30th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad:)

Weddings and anniversaries amaze me. I can’t even wrap my head around being with someone for 30 years. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t found ‘the one’ quite yet!!

Today is the actual day! But we celebrated yesterday at our favorite Italian Restaurant in Stamford CT!

Before the celebration, I FINALLY made it to the gym. I did a flex edge class, which he turned into circuits. It was fun. I’m sore. Glad to see Patty, my gym buddy again, after my 4 week hiatus!

After the celebration, I met up with a match.com guy! Still no nickname for him quite yet! He is currently in law school… so perhaps the lawyer?!?!?!

Eats are going well today. A yogurt for breakfast, an apple for snack. So far so good.

Yay for Monday:)