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I have A LOT to cover in this post.

1. Thanksgiving.

2. My birthday:)

3. A Bookworm Baby Shower

4. the made from scratch German meal

5. homemade lasagna

Ready. Set. Go.

Thanksgiving was a good. Quite but good. I ended up cooking for the four of us. Mom, Dad and my brother. I only bought a turkey breast so there was no need to get up at 5am and put the bird in the oven. I wanted to get to a zumba class, but decided to stay home and make pumpkin cupcakes instead. One can pumpkin + one box white cake mix + 1/2 cup of water = amazing pumpkin cupcakes. The cream cheese frosting helped too. I made the norm, Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, squash, crescent rolls and some gravy.

My plate. A bit overloaded. Whoops!

After we ate, we all promptly fell asleep! It was a good day!

Friday marked my 28th birthday. I officaly started freaking out a bit. That 30 line is going to be here before I know it! Ahhhhh. I was on the fence about doing some Black Friday shopping. I didn’t REALLY need anything. BUT it was my birthday AND the soda stream looks really cool. BUT… there were lots of buts that morning. I ended up sleeping in:) Nick and Liz headed over early afternoon to head to Stamford for some Christmas browsing.. LOL. We got knocked off our tracks when the vet called and told me I better bring Remi in soon, for his white blood cells where very high. Remi was throwing up earlier in the week and I just knew something was off. So.. off we went to the vet. He ended up getting 2 different shots and meds. After another blood test, Remi in fact has pancreatitis. After 3 days of meds, he is looking and I’m sure feeling much better. The vet told me NON-FATTY foods only for Remi. Which means boiled chicken and plain white rice. I’m thinking I should probably just eat along with Remi.. LOL. So after a brief de-railing we headed to Stamford. We walked around for a bit.. I scored an awesome ski jacket for $50 bucks:) Now I just need to go skiing. We ended up at the Melting Pot for some birthday fondue.

Cheese Fondue

Yummo! It’s a good thing this place isn’t closer! Hehehe.

Chocolate fondue with a birthday candle!!

Heather and Chris were on they way home for NYC and took the train to Darien. The Melting Pot is a hop, skip and jump so they met us for dinner! Yipppie!

Liz, Heather and Me – We all got birthday candles! The Birthdays: mine is the 25th, Heather’s the 26th, and Liz’s is the 30th! No wonder why we get along so well!

What a wonderful birthday!

Saturday was filled with the cutest baby shower I have ever been to! It differently raised the bar. Sam, my friend from college is due Jan 3rd (I think). Sam is an avid reader, and her sister she knew how to incorporate this into her shower! It was a BOOKWORM BABY SHOWER! Sam’s sister Alex made all the decorations:)

There was a table were you could scrapbook a page for the baby’s ABC book. You pick a letter, then pick an object, animal, person, etc that starts with that letter and scrapbook away! It was the cutest idea!

Me and Sam. Can’t wait to meet Baby D!

Cutest favors too!

Cute as a Button Cookies. I may or may not have munch on this while I was stuck on this…

Yup. The good old George Washington Bridge lived up to its name and dumped tons of traffic. I was almost late for a made from scratch German Meal.

I have been friends with Liz since we were 3. Every year her grandmother makes a German meal for Liz’s birthday. I have been hearing about this meal for the past 25 years. Liz mentioned that I was more than welcome to attend and knew I won’t miss it!

Here are the german dumplings being rolled. Each one has a crouton in the middle. Not exactly sure why? Perhaps I should google and find out!

Dumplings getting ready to take a 5-6 minute bath in some very hot water!

Here is Liz’s grandmothers German cookbook. I couldn’t help but snap a photo! This cookbook has been around for many many years. It was so delicate!

Yay for dumplings!

We also had the rest of the german meal, Sauerbraten (which is marinated for 3 days!!!), peas/carrots and pickled cabbage! It was to die for! I hope I get invited next year for Liz’s birthday too! LOL.

Her Mom even made a red velvet cake!

Sunday morning I rolled myself to the gym. Haha. It was not pretty! But definitely needed!! Early evening I headed to my parents for a pre-Christmas test  lasagna! My mom plans on making this for Christmas. But she wanted a test run first. I was asked to taste test… don’t have to ask me twice!!!

The verdict. It was a bit runny! We think we know why, so a few minor changes will be made in the future!!

And lastly some yummy dessert!!

We picked this up a while back at a christmas fair in Stamford. 100% natural! Yummy yummy yummy!

Last I checked this was a healthy living blog. Bumping up the healthy living part soon!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Very thankful for everyone and everything in my life!

Lots of cooking happening around here today!

Be safe everyone:)

and surprisingly it has nothing to do with men. I’m sad that my dog is leaving me. He is dying. He is sick, has diabetes and can’t hear really well. I know we all are going to die, but it’s hard. It’s hard to think he won’t be there anymore when I come home. He won’t be there to snuggle or wag his tail when he hears his cookie jar cling. Sometimes I think it’s the worst possible thing ever. I can’t even imagine what it’s going to feel like. But Remi and I have had some amazing memories this last few years. Cape trips, doctor visits, road trips to visit friends. We went to doggie play group in RI and wandered the streets for NPT for hours. Even getting mildly attacked my the upstairs dog. (Scary in the moment.. but funny now!) I know his time here with me is almost up and I get sad EVERY SINGLE time I think of it. My eyes tear up and it’s hard for me to focus. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m giving thanks to Remi, my amazing dog, who is still here with me (for the time being). I am thankful for much more than just my Remi. But this post is all about him:)


Howdy! I have some blog catching up to do! First of all.. this is day 4 of consecutive excercise at the gym. I’m feeling a little sore, but whatever hormones spike when you work out sure does keep you in a better mood. Yay! Or maybe the fact that there is only 1 day of work left this week has something to do with it!

This weekend was kind of a blur. Weekends just Goooooooooo.. sometimes without the acknowledgment that they are going to fast.. LOL. My Friday night date was good. Not great. Not bad. But GOOD. Saturday was equally as OK. Whenever I’m super busy, it’s always hard for me to come down off that craziness. When I have nothing planned or a minute to breathe sometimes I freak out! I know I’m weird. What can I say!!! But I’m very thankful for some great friends that can bring me back down to earth and snap me out of my funk!

So let me bring you to Sunday. I was on a few days ago looking around and saw there was a 5k in Stratford, CT this weekend. I didn’t have any place to be Sunday morning at 8:30am. But I didn’t sign up online, because I sign up for races and then never go. I might as well just rip up the $$$. Anyway, Saturday night I was home; cleaning, organizing, hanging with Remi and I decided, why shouldn’t I go? I didn’t have anyone to run with, which kind of freaked me out. But. I enjoy running alone anyway, so I won’t have anyone to hang out with before and after.. who cares. So I went. I left early, walked up to the registration booth handed over my $20, got my bib, t-shirt and swag bag and headed back to my car to wait. I got there at 7:35am, race didn’t start till 8:30am. So I sat. And waited. Eventually 8:25am rolled around and I was ready to rock it!

Pre-race shot of the beach. Yes. A beach in CT!!!

Everyone gathering to get bibs, shirts and swag:)

Part of the run was right along the beach! So pretty.

I asked a nice lady to quickly snap a pic of me. I told her I was challenging myself to run 30 races before I turned 30. She thought I was CRAZY!

After a somewhat quick 3.1 miles, it was time to head off to the casino to finally celebrate Nick’s 21st BD!

One happy camper. He won something like $20 on his first spin. And promptly lost it! Whoops!

We had an early dinner at Michael Jordans. At this point the FREE mini beers were catching up with me. (I didn’t know that if you are ‘playing’ they will just keep bringing you drinks. Liz and I sat up at the bar, and played blackjack! It was GREAT. I was even up $60! But then just kept hitting the wrong buttons and lost it… bahahaha!) Nick was up $40, Liz was up $20, I was down:( So it was perfect time to EAT! I was also reminded at this time, that this would be a perfect blogging meal. However, I only had 3% battery left on my iPhone. Enough life to grab a few last photos!

Yummy calamari. For dinner, I had a GIANT burger and sweet potatoes fries. It was perfect:)

Oh.. while Nick was at the tables, Liz and I did some ‘window’ shopping. We headed into Sephora and I fell in love with this gold glittery nail polish! It was a ‘I HAVE TO HAVE THIS NOW’ moment. So I splurged! And when I checked out, the lady said, Happy Birthday and put this in my bag!


What a great Sunday:)

Test Poll


HAPPY FRIDAY! I can’t believe how happy I am it’s Friday. I haven’t been this happy about a Friday in a while. I have no scheduled work this weekend! Yippie. I always have work to do, business work as well as personal work, but nothing set in stone! I’m one happy camper. I’m even a bit more excited because I have a hot date tonight! There are a million things running through my head. But I must remain,  cool, calm and collected!!! I met this guy a while ago on-line. A few weeks ago we met for dinner. It went amazingly well. I normally like to chat with the person on the phone before meeting up. However, this time around we just e-mailed back and forth a few times to make a plan! I kind of went into it as… oh well.. let’s see what this guy is all about! I didn’t google search him before hand. I know.. the horror! Anyway, I have done my research. This guy looks legit on paper.. I was even able to find his 2-page resume online. I would like to believe my stalking skills have improved, but this dude made it almost too easy. first Not something to hard to figure out. We were chatting the other day about internet identity and what pops up when sometime ‘googles’ you! I guess I have never really thought about that for my own name.. yet I have ‘googled’ many others!

My thoughts today are: When is it the right time to let someone in? Allowing them to be a ‘friend’ on FB? Meeting friends and family? I’m pretty new to this whole dating scene. Yes, I’ve had quite a few dates in my time. However, there have only really been a handful of guys who I actually would have loved to hang on to a bit longer. I don’t want to shield myself away from this guy, but I don’t necessarily want to lay everything out on a silver platter. But why not? I don’t have anything to hide. Whoa. TO MUCH THINKING.

Boxing was de-railed last night. However, a nice and easy 3.1 run took its place! I must say I woke up feeling better, but my back is now in a bit of a funk!

Only 7 hours until date time. I kind of feel like a little kid getting toooo excited.


It is taking all my effort not to get up and march right back to the kitchen and get myself a handful of Lindt Chocolate Truffles. Argh. I can feel my stomach protruding and yes right over my jeans! I can feel the back of my neck tightening up and my back in general start to hurt. NO MORE LINDT. So I’m here, in my little piece of the internet to write. I’ve been keeping up with my bloggers, even thought I may not have been here lately. I’m sad to see some go and really happy for others continuing on their journeys! Jenn from is getting ready for some skin removal sugary tomorrow. I am soooo very excited for her. She lives out in MN and I often find myself going to her blog. I feel like she is real and has come from a place similar to mine. She didn’t have 15 or 20 pounds to lose, but she lost 150 pounds. Purely amazing:) My goal (to reach at some point) is to lose 100 pounds. Now, I know a number is just a number and it depends on how you feel blah, blah, blah. But that number is very important to me!

Wow, I feel slightly better and the urge to head to the kitchen is SLIGHTLY gone. More typing shall a cure. So I haven’t really updated this blog in a week and a half. I’m sorry. Each day I see, say or taste something that I know would be wonderful on here. It’s finding the time to get it out on the web that is tricky! So I will do a brief update NOW.

1. I may or my not have a new cat. – The neighbors packed up their 2 cars and moved to FL. They left their cat. My landlords told me his name is Smokey. I’m really not sure what to do about Smokey. I’m not really a cat person, but he is awfully cute and fun to have around. I have yet to let him inside though. I feed him in the morning and at night and he currently sleeps on my landlords porch. I so just want to adopt him and take him in. I’m not really sure what is holding me back. I suppose it’s the extra $$$ that might be causing this delayed reaction.

Smokey doesn’t take the best pics yet!!

2. It was Remi’s 12th birthday on November 16th! My baby is getting BIG.. LOL.

3. I ran over the bridge! – This past Sunday, was the Newport Pell Bridge Run. I did it! It was a total of 4 miles and it felt great. I had a mini-enlightment in the middle of the run.. tears and all:) It was a wonderful feeling!

It was  a GREAT day! I keep reliving the run over and over again and it went by sooooo quick! I have the racing bug again I just want to sign up for them all. LOL. Don’t worry I’m not. But I do have my sights set on 2, one is a santa run, the other run is up in ME near some friends. We shall see:)

5. The November birthdays were celebrated.

Brian, Me, Ryan and Heather. I miss my NPT friends soooo much.

Well. So far so good. No truffle. And just committed myself to a 7pm boxing class.

Now.. to figure out InDesign before I throw my whole computer out the window… or perhaps at someones head!


Happy 30th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad:)

Weddings and anniversaries amaze me. I can’t even wrap my head around being with someone for 30 years. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t found ‘the one’ quite yet!!

Today is the actual day! But we celebrated yesterday at our favorite Italian Restaurant in Stamford CT!

Before the celebration, I FINALLY made it to the gym. I did a flex edge class, which he turned into circuits. It was fun. I’m sore. Glad to see Patty, my gym buddy again, after my 4 week hiatus!

After the celebration, I met up with a guy! Still no nickname for him quite yet! He is currently in law school… so perhaps the lawyer?!?!?!

Eats are going well today. A yogurt for breakfast, an apple for snack. So far so good.

Yay for Monday:)




Happy Friday everyone!

So. My efforts to get to the gym yesterday disappeared as soon as I left the office. I didn’t pack a bag, so I had to go home and get changed. I opened the door and walked into my dog. Sitting there. Looking very sad. Probably thinking.. why have you left me for the past 8 hours?!?! I feed him and thought long and hard about the decision at hand. Either a) leave Remi alone AGAIN or b) take him for a long walk. I’ll let you guess which won!! Remi and I went for a loop around Riverwalk. Boy did he love it. He can’t see at all now. (He can only sense if the lights are turned on and off!) So he walks like he pounded a few back. He held his head high. His tail is wagging and he loves every second of it until we hit the steps. I naturally slowed  him down when we near them. I was originally picking him up every time he had to go down or up (and still do if there are a lot of people around.. I can just hear in theirs heads, ‘what is this girl doing picking up her dog for stairs? what  wussy dog?’.) Anyway, I slowing nudge Remi to the steps. And you now what? One by one he went down. At each step he stop, put his paw out a bit to feel there was an edge or safe to continue walking normally. When we reached the bottom I precisely scooped him up and repeated ‘Good Boy Remi’ over and over. All he needed was a bit of a nudge. Sometimes in life each one of us needs that bit of a nudge. Either from a friend, family member, boyfriend… who ever. Life can be scary at times… even if it’s just a blind dog walking down some steps!!

So after that little life lesson, I came home and decided perhaps a healthy dinner should be had. (I also had to some what clean out the fridge.. shhh don’t tell!!)

A spinach, mushroom and onion mix with mole spice.. topped with 2 eggs and a side of green beans. Healthy right?!? Well after this wonderful dinner I wanted more. Yup more. So what else is there to do that whip up a batch of cookies. I wanted peanut butter cookies. More than the 3 ingredient cookies. Less than the 12 ingredient 12,000 calories cookies. I did a little research and boom. I found the perfect recipe!

HEALTHY Peanut Butter Cookies 

Don’t get scared. They are a bit different!

Things needed:

  • 1/3 peanut butter
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tbsp sugar-free maple syrup (I used lite!)
  • 2 tbsp soymilk (I used almond)
  • 1/3 cup raisins
  • 1/4 cup flour – Um. I forgot this. Woops.
  • 2 1/2 cups oats
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

Oven is at 350. Mix everything. Drop 1 1/2 tbsp of dough. Gently press flat (forgot that too! I must start reading ALL the directions!) Bake for 13-15 minutes!

So I missed a few things but they still came out great!

I now understand why the are so round. Some flattening would have worked:)

Some news on the husband hunt. LOL. That sounds bad. How about boyfriend binge? Nope even worse. Let’s just say I have another date with someone new. I need to start giving these guys nicknames. I feel like I read a profile like a resume! Haha. Probably not a good thing, but there are some things I just can’t over look. Education being one of them. Also, family. When a guy won’t talk about his family… this is red flag #1! So we shall see what happens.

And on that note… Have a fabulous weekend!


PS- Wish these damn cake balls weren’t so good from Starbucks. Starbucks you stink. LOL

November is here. Not quite sure how it came so quick.. but never the less.. it’s here. I’ve always associated November with being thankful among other things. There are many things I’m thankful on a daily basis, but they go unnoticed. Stuck deep in the corner or behind a huge shield. Life is so fast paced these days, that any free moment is swept up by something. So here I am. Today. November 2nd. The top 5 things I’m thankful for are..

1. my family

2. my health

3. Remi

4. my job(s)

5. the ability to make my own decisions

The last one really strikes home these days. I’m very thankful that I can make my own decisions. Being that this is (suppose to be) a healthy living blog.. I have the power to make my own HEALTHY LIVING decisions as well. No one is shoving down my throat the double dip chocolate donut, the vanilla milkshake, the 2 hot dogs, the cinnamon bun, etc. (I’ve been bad… but not quite this bad!) No one has chained me to my couch and said don’t you dare go to the gym. Yes the snow prevented me from going on Saturday… but that was one BIG EXCUSE. I used to make these excuses and dismiss them almost instantly! Yeah.. the dismissing part is lacking lately!

So tonight I make my own decision to get my ass to the gym tomorrow! After 5, I’m free as a bird. Yes I have some more work to do on some of my other projects, but nothing that can’t wait the one hour it will take to make this body feel better than it does! There is ANOTHER race I signed up for months ago. During this one, the runners run over the Newport Bridge. It’s a 5k and in 11 days. I haven’t run a step since the 1/2 on October 16th. This scares me. I don’t want to have the same feelings I did during the 1/2. Again, I must make my own decision here. No one will pave the way and tell me what to do. Wish I’m thankful for!

So I leave on a happy note. That decisions will be made by be and only me! The good, the bad and the ugly!

Cheers to being thankful for wants most important in your lives these days:)


November 2011
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