Well. I met another match boy! Went to Starbucks, chatted for nearly 2.5 hours. Have another date with this one planned night week. I’m starting to feel like a hamster in the wheel. The wheel that just keeps going round, and round and round. Who knows.. maybe this one will break the mundane-ness of life these days!

I just want to throw in a quick fun artsy project I completed a few weeks ago at Stitches East! Stitches East is a knitting convention (yes.. they really so have conventions for everything), with classes, a market and even a fashion show. My mother is an avid knitter and likes to go every year. If I’m lucky I get to go too! This year I wasn’t feeling any ‘knitting’ classes so I opted for a 3D felted fish class.

This is relatively very easy! Cover a plastic cut out of a fish minus the fins and tail with roving! Roving is treated and colored wool, prior to spinning to make yarn.

Wet down the roving with hot soapy water!

Add the fins and tail!

Then I had to fold the bubble in half and press away. 10 minutes each side. The hot soapy water agitates  the wool fibers so the cling to each other and give you the felted look and feel. After the 20 minutes, I had to roll the bubble with the fish inside within the towel. I rolled and rolled, after 5 minutes, I had to take the fish out and rotate. I repeated this until the fish looked nice and firm. I then cut open his mouth to gut him. LOL.

After gutting, I had to throw him around for a few more minutes. I added some eyes. Which I actually needed a bit of help with. This was a long class and I grew very impatient! Once the eyes were in, I washed the soap out and let him dry!

Once he was dry enough I blew him up! I still need to stuff him at home!

This class was so much fun! I wish I had more time to do more of my artsy stuff! Hmmmm… anyone figure out how to find more time in the day?!?!