NO MORE NIGHT SNACKING. Holy crap.. it has to stop somehow! I not only have gain a few pounds from some late night snacking.. I just had to have 4 cavities filled. I’m assuming I got these nasty holes in my teeth, do to the late night sweet snacks and then no brushing before heading to bed. Argh. Not a happy camper. In about 5 hrs when it’s 10 pm and I’m hungry I better think of this moment and the numbness in my jaw. The perpetual feeling of drool coming down my chin and the -$506 in my bank account! Oh and I kind of freaked out in the doc’s chair while he was giving my shots the size of my pens! Not cool my friends. Not cool.

So in an attempt to control my eating yet again.. I decided I’m going to attempt WW AGAIN. I like the old plan, where the numbers were less. So I begin today. So far I’m at 15 pts. I think I get something like 30! I’m gonna try to dig up the books tonight, that is if I can stand up right and no collapse in my bed. Which is a VERY GOOD possibility!

Cheers to a better day (and dentist-less day) tomorrow:)