Hiya! So I was away last week and I’m leaving again on Friday. Which means I have yet to go grocery store! At this point I’m NOT GOING this week. Ha. Ok. So. No shopping means I have to become quite creative in the kitchen. The first night was frozen chicken baked with onions and potatoes. All which was in the house! Tuesday night was frozen soup from Katz’s in Woodbridge. They had a buy one get one a few months ago. I stocked up for a time like this. Ahhhh. And then we come to Wednesday. Tuesday was the cropshare pick up day so I was semi stocked with some fresh produce. I’m going to be sad when this cropshare is over 😦 Luckily my brother went and picked this up for me! Tuesday was just to crazy to get to the farm!!  Goodies this week included:

Half Share:

1 bunch of edamame
1 medium butternut squash
1 lb sweet potatoes
1/2 lb of green beans
1/2 lb of beets
1 large eggplant
1/2 lb of small eggplant
1 head of lettuce
We skipped the edamame, and I’m saving the green beans and beets for next week. I turned the butternut squash into soup. (Cut in half, seeds scooped out, cinnamon and maple agave sprinkle on top. Baked at 400 for an hour or so. Scooped out flesh and blended with 2/3 cup of Almond milk and more cinnamon, nutmeg and curry!) I roasted the eggplant and cut one sweet potatoe in cubes to roast as well.
Dinner is served.
Add a dash of BBQ sauce on top of the sweet potato cubes!
Busy day ahead!
PS- Whats with this weather? Wish it could make up it’s mind. Hot. or Cold. Not both!