So the whole working on the sleep thing went like this… pick kids up (@ 3 different times), come home make a mean dinner everyone loved, and precisely pass out on the couch waaaaaay before any of them! All I can do is laugh! It was 9:15, and one of the kids was poking at me.. asking if they should go to bed!! I love them.

So while I continue to work on the sleep thing… I kind of freaked out this morning and realized I’m signed up to run/walk 13.1 miles on Sunday. Yes. This date has been on my calendar. No. I didn’t forget. Yes. I did kind of ignore it. I was too busy stuffing my face and pretending my life was awful and did it really matter if I cracked one more tub of ben and jerry’s?!?!

I laced up my sneakers, stole (well borrowed) the membership card for the Marriott gym, dropped the kids off  and went DIRECTLY to the gym.

Why hello treadmill! How have you been?

Holy Crap.. didn’t have to kick my butt that bad. I barely managed to get in 4.12 miles in 65 minutes. Pretty sad.

Oh well. I’ll try to run a bit tomorrow and take it one day at a time!

Sidenote: after it was over… it felt great 🙂

A hidden treasure!!!

The 3rd and Elm Press. This place is a hidden gem in The Point part of Newport. Ise still works hard hand-making cards, wall hangings and other wonderful pieces of art. I wanted to hang out with her all day!

Over the years I have received a few pieces of art work from here. So glad I finally got to see where all the fun takes place. 

Still hard at work after nearly 50 years.


A press that is still in use today! My purchase. A hand craved blocked, printed with 4 different color blocks. 

What a great morning walk. I love this town!

Back to work before it’s time to play taxi cab again.. LOL!