Sometimes writing it out just helps. PERIOD. I go through moments in life and wonder why? Why did I say that? Why did they do this? What was it that made this one go here and not there? There will never be enough answers and sometimes answers are better left unsaid anyway!

Someone brought it to my attention recently that I have not had a post in almost a month. I was asked why? And though I have my answers floating around in my head, I felt as though they were left better unsaid.

For the past month or so I feel like a broken record! I haven’t been watching what I eat like I once did, I haven’t been working out like I once did. And I have no one to blame but me! It’s a sad feeling. Yet I have to somehow find the way to change it! It’s like there will be a whole apple crisp sitting on the counter…. I should be able to just walk past it, but for some yet unknown reason.. it’s still a bit tricky for me to do! I have been working through emotions and attempting to figure out why food plays such an important role in my life. I’m learning the hard way that I’m one that needs sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep my whole life of dominos is out of whack. Therefore other things in my life coming crashing down… ie.. working out, eating, being social, be that awesome person I am 😉

Instead of writing to the blogshere that I am making the change today. To get back to where I once was… would just be a lie! I’ve learned for me, that I just can’t change like a switch. It’s a gradual process. Baby-steps I like to call it! Today I will work on my sleep. (I’m currently back in my old stomping grounds, watching 3 amazing kids for the week! I say bedtime tonight is 8pm!! Haha.. we shall see how much they like that one!!)

So I leave with the idea of working on one thing at a time. Nailing that thing and then moving on! Sleep is the first thing!