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Well. I met another match boy! Went to Starbucks, chatted for nearly 2.5 hours. Have another date with this one planned night week. I’m starting to feel like a hamster in the wheel. The wheel that just keeps going round, and round and round. Who knows.. maybe this one will break the mundane-ness of life these days!

I just want to throw in a quick fun artsy project I completed a few weeks ago at Stitches East! Stitches East is a knitting convention (yes.. they really so have conventions for everything), with classes, a market and even a fashion show. My mother is an avid knitter and likes to go every year. If I’m lucky I get to go too! This year I wasn’t feeling any ‘knitting’ classes so I opted for a 3D felted fish class.

This is relatively very easy! Cover a plastic cut out of a fish minus the fins and tail with roving! Roving is treated and colored wool, prior to spinning to make yarn.

Wet down the roving with hot soapy water!

Add the fins and tail!

Then I had to fold the bubble in half and press away. 10 minutes each side. The hot soapy water agitates  the wool fibers so the cling to each other and give you the felted look and feel. After the 20 minutes, I had to roll the bubble with the fish inside within the towel. I rolled and rolled, after 5 minutes, I had to take the fish out and rotate. I repeated this until the fish looked nice and firm. I then cut open his mouth to gut him. LOL.

After gutting, I had to throw him around for a few more minutes. I added some eyes. Which I actually needed a bit of help with. This was a long class and I grew very impatient! Once the eyes were in, I washed the soap out and let him dry!

Once he was dry enough I blew him up! I still need to stuff him at home!

This class was so much fun! I wish I had more time to do more of my artsy stuff! Hmmmm… anyone figure out how to find more time in the day?!?!

NO MORE NIGHT SNACKING. Holy crap.. it has to stop somehow! I not only have gain a few pounds from some late night snacking.. I just had to have 4 cavities filled. I’m assuming I got these nasty holes in my teeth, do to the late night sweet snacks and then no brushing before heading to bed. Argh. Not a happy camper. In about 5 hrs when it’s 10 pm and I’m hungry I better think of this moment and the numbness in my jaw. The perpetual feeling of drool coming down my chin and the -$506 in my bank account! Oh and I kind of freaked out in the doc’s chair while he was giving my shots the size of my pens! Not cool my friends. Not cool.

So in an attempt to control my eating yet again.. I decided I’m going to attempt WW AGAIN. I like the old plan, where the numbers were less. So I begin today. So far I’m at 15 pts. I think I get something like 30! I’m gonna try to dig up the books tonight, that is if I can stand up right and no collapse in my bed. Which is a VERY GOOD possibility!

Cheers to a better day (and dentist-less day) tomorrow:)


Hiya! So I was away last week and I’m leaving again on Friday. Which means I have yet to go grocery store! At this point I’m NOT GOING this week. Ha. Ok. So. No shopping means I have to become quite creative in the kitchen. The first night was frozen chicken baked with onions and potatoes. All which was in the house! Tuesday night was frozen soup from Katz’s in Woodbridge. They had a buy one get one a few months ago. I stocked up for a time like this. Ahhhh. And then we come to Wednesday. Tuesday was the cropshare pick up day so I was semi stocked with some fresh produce. I’m going to be sad when this cropshare is over 😦 Luckily my brother went and picked this up for me! Tuesday was just to crazy to get to the farm!!  Goodies this week included:

Half Share:

1 bunch of edamame
1 medium butternut squash
1 lb sweet potatoes
1/2 lb of green beans
1/2 lb of beets
1 large eggplant
1/2 lb of small eggplant
1 head of lettuce
We skipped the edamame, and I’m saving the green beans and beets for next week. I turned the butternut squash into soup. (Cut in half, seeds scooped out, cinnamon and maple agave sprinkle on top. Baked at 400 for an hour or so. Scooped out flesh and blended with 2/3 cup of Almond milk and more cinnamon, nutmeg and curry!) I roasted the eggplant and cut one sweet potatoe in cubes to roast as well.
Dinner is served.
Add a dash of BBQ sauce on top of the sweet potato cubes!
Busy day ahead!
PS- Whats with this weather? Wish it could make up it’s mind. Hot. or Cold. Not both!

A few weeks ago I was in Nashville, TN for work. Luckily I get to travel with my co-work who is also my really good friend. Whenever I’m in a new city I try to hit up a Diners, Drive-in and Dive from Guy’s Show! This trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop. With a quick google search, I found one within walking distance to our hotel. Now I failed to do adequate research as to where this location really was. Apparently we had to walk through a somewhat rough neighborhood. But.. we made it! It’s the small things.

So Arnold’s is a cafeteria style restaurant. Again, one more thing I failed to research. I swear I checked this place out on TripAdvisor and the ratings were high!

When we walked in, I swear we probably looked like deer in highlights. Once we navigated the menu a bit, and realized it was ok to eat roast beef at 10:30 in the morning we were on our way! Oh and the jalapeño cheddar biscuits OUTTA THIS WORLD!

Now see. This wasn’t exactly what I was originally thinking!! Arnolds was definitely one of Guy’s dives!! However, once I took a bite of the food I realized why he came here. The food was outstanding. Atmosphere.. not so much. In fact my friend thought we walked into a soup kitchen. We happened to be there on a Friday. Friday are green fried tomato days! Sooo yummy!

Overall this was a great meal. Would I go back? Probably not. The location and atmosphere kind of scared me a bit!

Amazing artwork found on a wall on the way back to the main drag!

Cowboy boots where EVERYWHERE! The cowboys were lacking at bit though! LOL.

Hope the sun comes out soon! Not loving this dark day!


So. I did it. I completed a 1/2 marathon. Pretty much kicking and streaming the whole way. Thank god for my friend Heather. I would not have completed it without her. I’m kind of bumming though. I’m bumming because I got out of the 1/2 what I put in! Pretty much nothing. I didn’t get up early and run my long runs. I didn’t get excited. (In fact, up to 1 hour before the race I was thinking of backing out!) I didn’t get the new running shirt. (Mostly because I’m tired of buying XL everything.) I didn’t get out of the race what I should have. Don’t get me wrong.. I’m 100% happy I did it and didn’t just quit (again thanks to Heather).. but the entire time I was walking/running I couldn’t help but think how much better this could have been if I actually got on the tread mill WAAAAAAY before only 2 days before the race. I have no one to blame but me. I didn’t really snap any photos! I was more focused on breathing and getting one foot in front of the other, then hitting the shutter button on my iPhone. But I did manage a few!

Picture perfect day!

Heather and I before!


Ready. Set.. GO!!!

Quick photo opt on Ocean Drive!

And after! Smiling once again after a mini break down 50 feet from the finish line!

The gear!

Things I learned:

1. Don’t bite of more than you can chew.

2. Always have a running buddy with you.

3. Make sure to eat something before.

4. Try to have as much fun as possible.

5. Make friends with those running around you. (We were towards the end.. so people weren’t nearly as focused as those running much further up. We ended up with the eldest runner and a runner with child! It’s all good though!)

6. Dear Lord… run some distance before your first half. I still have no idea what I was thinking!!!

Official time: 3:28:58 (Hey tons of room for improvement.. right?!)

Thank you Heather for saving my butt!!


So the whole working on the sleep thing went like this… pick kids up (@ 3 different times), come home make a mean dinner everyone loved, and precisely pass out on the couch waaaaaay before any of them! All I can do is laugh! It was 9:15, and one of the kids was poking at me.. asking if they should go to bed!! I love them.

So while I continue to work on the sleep thing… I kind of freaked out this morning and realized I’m signed up to run/walk 13.1 miles on Sunday. Yes. This date has been on my calendar. No. I didn’t forget. Yes. I did kind of ignore it. I was too busy stuffing my face and pretending my life was awful and did it really matter if I cracked one more tub of ben and jerry’s?!?!

I laced up my sneakers, stole (well borrowed) the membership card for the Marriott gym, dropped the kids off  and went DIRECTLY to the gym.

Why hello treadmill! How have you been?

Holy Crap.. didn’t have to kick my butt that bad. I barely managed to get in 4.12 miles in 65 minutes. Pretty sad.

Oh well. I’ll try to run a bit tomorrow and take it one day at a time!

Sidenote: after it was over… it felt great 🙂

A hidden treasure!!!

The 3rd and Elm Press. This place is a hidden gem in The Point part of Newport. Ise still works hard hand-making cards, wall hangings and other wonderful pieces of art. I wanted to hang out with her all day!

Over the years I have received a few pieces of art work from here. So glad I finally got to see where all the fun takes place. 

Still hard at work after nearly 50 years.


A press that is still in use today! My purchase. A hand craved blocked, printed with 4 different color blocks. 

What a great morning walk. I love this town!

Back to work before it’s time to play taxi cab again.. LOL!












Sometimes writing it out just helps. PERIOD. I go through moments in life and wonder why? Why did I say that? Why did they do this? What was it that made this one go here and not there? There will never be enough answers and sometimes answers are better left unsaid anyway!

Someone brought it to my attention recently that I have not had a post in almost a month. I was asked why? And though I have my answers floating around in my head, I felt as though they were left better unsaid.

For the past month or so I feel like a broken record! I haven’t been watching what I eat like I once did, I haven’t been working out like I once did. And I have no one to blame but me! It’s a sad feeling. Yet I have to somehow find the way to change it! It’s like there will be a whole apple crisp sitting on the counter…. I should be able to just walk past it, but for some yet unknown reason.. it’s still a bit tricky for me to do! I have been working through emotions and attempting to figure out why food plays such an important role in my life. I’m learning the hard way that I’m one that needs sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep my whole life of dominos is out of whack. Therefore other things in my life coming crashing down… ie.. working out, eating, being social, be that awesome person I am 😉

Instead of writing to the blogshere that I am making the change today. To get back to where I once was… would just be a lie! I’ve learned for me, that I just can’t change like a switch. It’s a gradual process. Baby-steps I like to call it! Today I will work on my sleep. (I’m currently back in my old stomping grounds, watching 3 amazing kids for the week! I say bedtime tonight is 8pm!! Haha.. we shall see how much they like that one!!)

So I leave with the idea of working on one thing at a time. Nailing that thing and then moving on! Sleep is the first thing!


October 2011
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