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Day 34 – A picture of your currently most played Song.:D

I’m only of ‘those people’ who seem to listen to the same song over and over and over until I can recite EVERY WORD. Yet, I somehow never know the titles. I stink.

My favorite is still Andy Grammer.. Gotta Keep you Head Up! I LOVE listening to the lyrics and belting them out in my car. It’s a great song for me, until I get out of my funk officially!



Day 33 – A picture of you doing something you love.

Yup. Waaaaaaaaay behind. One day at a time right? LOL

There is quite alot of ‘somethings’ I love. So. Here is what I love in photos. Are you ready?

Oh and so much more.




testing… and some Illustrator messing around 🙂


….$175 glasses don’t cure tired eyes:( I’ve been sitting on a prescription for glasses since January. Yup January. I never really noticed or felt any strain until I started doing some heavy computer work and school at night. One night I thought my eyeballs were going to fall out! So I happily went to the vision center at Wal-mart (I am only going wear these glasses when I ABSOULTELY HAVE TOO.. WHY SPEND TONS OF $$$)! And well. I’ve been wearing them whenever I’m on a computer and I can honestly say I really don’t see (no pun intended) a difference. Maybe my eyes are just tired after working on a computer for 8+ hours a day!!!

Eeeeeek. Not sure I’m down with this whole glasses thing!

So besides glasses… I’ve been up to my knees in CAKE. Yes. Cake. Birthday season has started around here. My entire family and some of my good friends are all born between September and November.

First, an Italian Rum Cake for Mom.

Happy Birthday Mom! (Her real birthday is Wednesday.. and I’m thinking of sticking candles in some sort of fruit for the real day!)

Second, cupcakes from Crumbs for the IT guy!

It was the IT departments birthday today! (The IT department is this guy.. LOL)

Oh and another cake for Mom from her knitting class tonight! Tooooo much cake!

So how does one celebrate and eat healthy? I haven’t quite figured this out yet. But I’m working on it.

Losing weight and eating healthy is a LIFE LONG PROCESS. I just recently went back to my ground roots planted about a year and half ago. These past few months I kind of lost my way. But I watered the roots and I’m anticipating major growth already 🙂



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