Day 32 – A picture of what you did today.

Yay. Finally posting on the correct day! Yippee! Guess that is what a hurricane will do you do. It will end you on the couch with not much to do. I’m kind of dreading when the power goes out. At this point it’s kind of inevitable!!!

So here is my day in pictures.

Breakfast. Banana bread oatmeal and coffee.

Then I finally got to a Groupon I purchased  and joined World Fitness! Awesome zumba studio… even though at the moment saturday morning kickboxing is my favorite!

I had a bunch of coupons for Old Navy, so a quick trip there was planned.

After Old Navy, I headed back to my apartment and packed up. I decided to get stuck at my parents house with my brother instead of being alone during this hurricane!

We got a little funky for dinner. I present you with sweet weenies!

You need: sugar cookie dough and a pack of mini weenies!

Mix the cookie mix, and wrap around each weenie!

Bake at 375º F for 10 minutes.

And bingo… sweet weenies!

There are by no means healthy. In fact, I only had 2! It was dinner and dessert in one!! I will be making these again at some point!! Less cookie dough next time!  Perfect for a party!

Also made  pigs-n-blankets and a big salad 🙂

Very interested to see what Irene has in store for us. Be safe everyone 🙂