Whoa… talk about writing the feelings out! I’m on a much better playing ground today then I was a couple of days ago. Many different reasons why, but I think the MAIN reason has alot to do with eating better and working out. Give me pizza, cheeseburgers, beer and other crappy stuff and I’ll be a world wind in a couple of days… hence the mini-break down the other day! I’m happy to report I’m on the path again, the sidelines aren’t nearly as fun as being on the path 🙂

So. Now that I have that outta the way… I must fit 7 days worth of my 60 Day Challenge. A 60 Day Challenge is not intended to be done in a few sittings. But hang tight… I will get back to the daily postings soon.

Day 25 – A picture of your best day.
Day 26 – A picture of something that means a lot to you.
Day 27 – A picture of yourself and a family member.
Day 28 – A picture of something you’re afraid of.
Day 29 – A picture of someone that can always make you smile.
Day 30 – A picture of someone you miss.
Day 31 – A picture of what you wore today.

Day 25 – I’ve had many good days. Hard to pin point just one! However, last summer my friend Ryan planned a surprise trip around RI. It was a wonderful day!


Which included: cheese shops, cookies, beach time, wine tastings and trying a new restaurant out. Gooo Ryan:)

Day 26 – Something that means a lot to me.

My family, my friends, Remi, learning… ANNNNNNNND…. being adventurous and exploring new cities. I have crossed off many on my list, but still have many to go:)

(EEEK. That might be a lame that this means a lot to me… but it does 🙂

Day 27 – A family member. Nick. My brother! I love him. Then End.


Day 28 – I’m petrified of losing this little guy!

I know he is getting old. He  has diabetes now, can’t see and can barely hear. But I LOVE him so much. I’m bracing myself for the day when I lose him 😦 I really hate thinking about, and cry almost every time do! Sigh.

Day 29 – There are lots of things that make me smile. It’s the small things in life. A hug. A kiss. A great conversation. A wonderful meal. Wandering around a new town. Flip-flops. Sweatshirt weather. Meeting new people. AND. Going to see the Christmas Carol EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Even though I know the story will never change.

Day 30 – My grandma. I miss my grandma so much.

Make-up and hair done for the prom.. circa 2000!

Day 31 – I’m currently wearing this.

If I actually kept up with this challenge I would have know today was.. A picture of what I wore today. However, I wasn’t. Therefore, I wore dress down Friday gear. Jeans off the sale rack and an old navy t-shirt paired with flip flops from a store in Sarasota FL. Oh… and messy messy hair. It was a crazy morning. Which also included this…

Tons of blueberries packed down on a honey Chobani Greek yogurt, with more honey and sprinkles on top. I think every Friday should involve some sprinkles on b-fast 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend peeps!