This has got to be the WORST green monster I have ever made. In fact, I took one swig before leaving this morning and thought.. hmmm… this doesn’t taste that good. I somehow thought it would taste better once I was a work. Wrong. Needless to say, it has sat on my desk all day and the level hasn’t changed AT ALL.

This has been my life since returning from a wonderful 2 week vacation on the Cape. I feel like I’m in the sink hole again. I know I haven’t really shared this part of my life on this blog.. but then again… I haven’t blogged for almost a month.. so I’m not sure there are any readers anyway. Instead of starting a new blog.. I think I’ll just morph this one into ME. ALL OF ME. The good, the bad and the ugly! I won’t be offended if I’m deleted from you google reader!

(Sidenote: Is it possible to feel really lousy to do a lack in water intake? At the moment, I’m thinking that is a big fat YES!)

Hoping to re-create a better green monster later on this evening since that is the only thing I have wanted ALL DAY!