… the award for worst, most inconsistent blogger of the year. Holy crap. Yay! On a more serious note, I have these awesome thoughts throughout the day. Thoughts that involve some AMAZING posts, and then go to bed at night and realized I did diddly squat with my awesome thoughts. Go me. NOT.

I don’t have much on the plate at the moment. I’m leaving tomorrow for the CAPE. Two glorious weeks of uninterrupted relaxation! RIGHT.. like that is going to happen? I’m still super pumped and ready for my toes to touch sand for the FIRST time this summer. Sad, so very sad. When I lived in Newport, I would be at the beach almost every night with an adult beverage in hand. Sigh. Life is different now and I’m still adjusting to this new life.

So folks that is all I got! My beach towels are packed, my blender is in its bag (hoping to green monster it some mornings), bath suit has been found, shorts and shirts are almost ready to go!

Have a wonderful and safe 4th!