So I’m happy to report I got out of my crazy mood last week. I have no idea where it came from but it was awful (and no.. the ‘friend’ wasn’t involved)! So on to bigger and better things.

How about some dating talk? So I’ve been talking to this guy. Seems great. Has a job and teeth. LOL. Not funny.. well kind of!! But here is the thing. I sit and FB stalk. I know it’s bad. But WE ALL DO IT! And there is this one guy who I think is the-most-adorable-man-in-the-world! Haha. He knows I’m alive and that is about it! He is very busy at his job which is great. He updates and posts many times a day. Every time I see a post, I tend to lose 10-15 of my life searching through his life. Blah. That sounds sooooo bad! Anyway, I learning to deal with it and move on. I might need to block his status reports though. That is so bad… right?!?!?!?! Well there is some fresh meat on the table for Monday night… LOL.. (That sounds worse than my previous comment) with the current guy I’ve been talking too.We shall see how is goes (No More Thinking Of Said FB Man)! Wow.. my brain is on a one track course this morning!  Is 10 am on a Friday to early for a drink?!?! I think I’m in desperate NEED!

This weekend is going to be filled by a yarn hop. You know.. like a bar crawl.. but this is a yarn hop. I’ll be hopping from one yarn shop to the next from CT to VT! Ahhhhhhh. My Life. I’m thinking to pack a cooler and make it be my own barn howl.. LOL.. Ok back to work!