I didn’t do as good with the non-technology weekend as I had hoped. It’s just to hard not to check e-mail (glad I did tough, I had some Pampered Chef questions), google things and just keep up on FB! I did ok… but there is  a lot of room for improvement!

Overall I wish it was still the weekend and I wasn’t back in my cube 😦 It was great to catch up with friends in Maine this weekend. Lots of talking, snacking, drinking and laughing!

While driving up I spotted a hot air balloon! How fun. (I know not safe to take pics while driving.) Someday.

Breakfast pizza… why not?!?! This was REALLY good!

Wine Tasting at Blacksmith in South Casco, Maine. The best wine I have found in driving distance! Granted their grapes aren’t grown in Maine, but still it was pretty amazing:)

A quick whoopie pie stop! I just couldn’t resist! (On the right, I’m holding a 72 oz or 4.5 pound whoopie pie… no words!)

Lots of lounging…

pretty flowers..

and some crazy photography moves…

On my way home I stopped to check in with the bride and groom. That would be Heather and Chris, who got married in April! It was sooo good to see them and hang with Heather’s sisters’ family too!

(Sadly no photos:()

Wish there was re-play button for this weekend! Loved every second of it!

Now back to the 9-5 life and the GYM – I’m actually a bit excited to workout.. I have a lot of extra calories to burn!

Happy Monday:)