Rewind: Yesterdays lunch was filled with pickles!

Love me some pickles! And a turkey, brie, cranberry, walnut wrap!

OK. So that storm yesterday really went for! It gave it’s all as in pounded down on our small town! Rain, wind, swaying trees, trees down all together! Not fun! Left work at the WORST time ever!

Watch Out! This was at 5:10pm!

OK. On to dinner. I met some old friends at South of the Border. I haven’t been to this place is years, but it’s the first restaurant we saw and we were all starving!

Started off well.

Dips were good too! A bit watery.. but Ok!

Dinner was a pulled pork taco and a fish taco! Both were good. But not great! I miss the homemade, non-chain Mexican!

Woke up this morning and had that pit feeling! I didn’t like the feeling. I think South of the Border may be off the restaurant list for a while!

YAY IT’S FRIDAY! I have some fun plans for this weekend.. it may or may not include wine, lobster, some hiking and some great friends (human and furry)!!

Catch up soon!