Happy Morning:) I headed out early this morning with my side kick Remi. I had a late meeting last night, then stopped to met a friend for pinkberry. In the end, I felt kind of bad Remi was home alone last night. I wish I could stuff him in my bag and take him EVERYWHERE.

The home of the Shelton Farmers’ Market. Can’t wait till this place is jumping and jiving every Saturday morning! Starts the beginning of July! Yippee!

ah. Sunshine. Iced Coffee. Remi.


Just learned the other day that this bridge can be part of a 4 mile loop. Super excited to run this soon!


No one but us! Just the way we like it:)

“Ok Mom, I’m done. You can carry me the rest of the way! Ok?” -Remi

What a perfect morning!

Now I must figure out how to get to work on time! LOL.

Have a fabulous day!