Where to start. I was lost for a few weeks. Not going to lie. Bag of chips? Sure why not! Obnoxious amounts of alcohol? Hell’s yeah. We are on vacation right?! Apps, dinner, and dessert? Yeah.. I think I can fit it! After 10 days of eating and drinking like the above, I knew if I didn’t start writing down, taking photos and logging what I ate, I was going to end up like I started. A 265 lb, mass of emptiness! I gave that up a little over a year ago, and that is one thing I didn’t want back! So with that being said, I’m back. I’m back for the next chapter of my journey. I’m back to knock off a few more pounds. I’m back to write what is on my mind, in my belly and surrounding my heart!

Today I share with you the 3rd race of my life. The 2nd 5k I have ever run, the 3rd race of the 30 I plan to run before I turn 30. (This was an idea of a friend, Thank You friend, I thought this was a grand idea too!)

Sprint for Monroe 5K 

My brother has been on the healthy kick along with me. He saw this 5K while I was away a few weeks ago. He texted.

At first I was like I can’t, I have kickboxing. Then I thought he was CRAZY! In the end, he signed up us!


Look at all those runners.

I haven’t really been running, and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen during this race. I didn’t even look at the course map, so I have NO idea what to expect. I just kept telling him one foot in front of the other. In the back of my head, I was doubting if I could do it myself 😦

Just keep going!

Nick got a photo of me. We passed the phone like it was a baton and we were running a relay!

And we are done.

During the race, I did have to stop for a brief walk! However, I was able to complete the whole thing. I learned, I should never go into something thinking I can’t, or what if!!! From now on… I gotta… JUST DO IT!

Yumminess! Check out that awesome pineapple flower from edible arrangements!!

What a great way to start a Sunday!

Glad to be back!