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I miss blogging. Back tomorrow with some delicious baked goods 🙂

As for the moment, I’m laying in bed and can barely move. Tuesday night kickboxing always kicks my butt! Bracing myself for tomorrows soreness!!!


So I’m happy to report I got out of my crazy mood last week. I have no idea where it came from but it was awful (and no.. the ‘friend’ wasn’t involved)! So on to bigger and better things.

How about some dating talk? So I’ve been talking to this guy. Seems great. Has a job and teeth. LOL. Not funny.. well kind of!! But here is the thing. I sit and FB stalk. I know it’s bad. But WE ALL DO IT! And there is this one guy who I think is the-most-adorable-man-in-the-world! Haha. He knows I’m alive and that is about it! He is very busy at his job which is great. He updates and posts many times a day. Every time I see a post, I tend to lose 10-15 of my life searching through his life. Blah. That sounds sooooo bad! Anyway, I learning to deal with it and move on. I might need to block his status reports though. That is so bad… right?!?!?!?! Well there is some fresh meat on the table for Monday night… LOL.. (That sounds worse than my previous comment) with the current guy I’ve been talking too.We shall see how is goes (No More Thinking Of Said FB Man)! Wow.. my brain is on a one track course this morning!  Is 10 am on a Friday to early for a drink?!?! I think I’m in desperate NEED!

This weekend is going to be filled by a yarn hop. You know.. like a bar crawl.. but this is a yarn hop. I’ll be hopping from one yarn shop to the next from CT to VT! Ahhhhhhh. My Life. I’m thinking to pack a cooler and make it be my own barn howl.. LOL.. Ok back to work!

more testing post coming soon I promiseJ

Completely skipped the gym last night. Decided my time might better be spent taking Remi for a walk with a friend. Should have checked the weather prior to packing up. Once we got to our main drag area, the skies opened up. Thanks for the water, but really, right when we are about to walk? I grabbed my shaking, soaking wet dog and bolted. Tried to recover the night with some Pampered Chef Recipe testing! Sadly… one of the tests failed.




Snap peas make me so happy. I got these babies at the farm yesterday. They were soooo yummy! Only half of them even made it home. When you bit into them they are fresh and crunchy. And have the perfect sweetness! I’m totally loving all the fresh and yummy produce for them CSA this year.

Just keep smiling. Excited for the weekend to get here!


What a gloomy day! I’m in a gloomy mood and only have the following statement to share.

To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.
 {Bernard Edmonds} – taken from the FB status of Just a one girl revolution.

Trying to read, re-read and read once more. Must find the courage to succeed. It’s just one of those days!

I didn’t do as good with the non-technology weekend as I had hoped. It’s just to hard not to check e-mail (glad I did tough, I had some Pampered Chef questions), google things and just keep up on FB! I did ok… but there is  a lot of room for improvement!

Overall I wish it was still the weekend and I wasn’t back in my cube 😦 It was great to catch up with friends in Maine this weekend. Lots of talking, snacking, drinking and laughing!

While driving up I spotted a hot air balloon! How fun. (I know not safe to take pics while driving.) Someday.

Breakfast pizza… why not?!?! This was REALLY good!

Wine Tasting at Blacksmith in South Casco, Maine. The best wine I have found in driving distance! Granted their grapes aren’t grown in Maine, but still it was pretty amazing:)

A quick whoopie pie stop! I just couldn’t resist! (On the right, I’m holding a 72 oz or 4.5 pound whoopie pie… no words!)

Lots of lounging…

pretty flowers..

and some crazy photography moves…

On my way home I stopped to check in with the bride and groom. That would be Heather and Chris, who got married in April! It was sooo good to see them and hang with Heather’s sisters’ family too!

(Sadly no photos:()

Wish there was re-play button for this weekend! Loved every second of it!

Now back to the 9-5 life and the GYM – I’m actually a bit excited to workout.. I have a lot of extra calories to burn!

Happy Monday:)


I am technology-ed out! I don’t think I can check FB, Twitter, another e-mail inbox, photos or anything having to do with a computer for the next  2 days! Working 8:30-5 in a marketing department gives me the opportunity to basically camp out in front a computer ALL DAY. It’s great! But it’s now Friday afternoon. 5 minutes to 5! I’m taking the weekend off of all media/computer/phone/email/etc! As least that is the plan. I’m going to see how long I REALLY last. Once I get to my destination tonight, I’m gonna be technology free! Maybe? I’ll be back Monday with an update on how this goes, how long I lasted and what I missed! (Really hoping I don’t miss that much!)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


I’m off to find this place again:)

Rewind: Yesterdays lunch was filled with pickles!

Love me some pickles! And a turkey, brie, cranberry, walnut wrap!

OK. So that storm yesterday really went for! It gave it’s all as in pounded down on our small town! Rain, wind, swaying trees, trees down all together! Not fun! Left work at the WORST time ever!

Watch Out! This was at 5:10pm!

OK. On to dinner. I met some old friends at South of the Border. I haven’t been to this place is years, but it’s the first restaurant we saw and we were all starving!

Started off well.

Dips were good too! A bit watery.. but Ok!

Dinner was a pulled pork taco and a fish taco! Both were good. But not great! I miss the homemade, non-chain Mexican!

Woke up this morning and had that pit feeling! I didn’t like the feeling. I think South of the Border may be off the restaurant list for a while!

YAY IT’S FRIDAY! I have some fun plans for this weekend.. it may or may not include wine, lobster, some hiking and some great friends (human and furry)!!

Catch up soon!


What is up with this CRAZY weather lately?!

My game was cancelled today! I’m sad and happy! Sad they don’t get to play, happy I won’t miss it!

Now… must figure out how to get home:)


I have no idea what I did to my back. But boy oh boy does it hurt! I’m thinking ice and then a heat pad? Or a head pad then ice? Hmm. Must google. Speaking of google. Check out their site today. You can make and then record your own music! If I had ANY musical talent this would be great!

Went to kickboxing last night. In the middle of it, I could barely move. I had to ask a friend to pick up my H20 bottle and keys. Not exactly sure what I’m going to do!

Dinner last night was a bunch of leftovers thrown on top a salad! A garbage salad of sorts!

Asian mixed greens, with strawberries, mango, chicken sausage, gorgonzola, cucumbers, tomatoes and kobi.

Breakfast – Somewhat similar, just breakfastized!

Yogurt, strawberries, mangos, tons of cinnamon and crunchy cereal on top!

I have a softball game tonight, but I think it would be in my best interest to skip it!

Off to conquer the world, bummed back and all!


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