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NOT ON THIS BLOG. For a wordless post, I would have to make sure I have more than one new photo in que. Hmmm… kind of hard for a rainy, somewhat normal day in the life of Leah. So, I will put the letters together and form words and then get them on the screen, some how, some way!!

I feel like the only way for me to eat right during the day is to make sure I get a good workout in at some point. My workouts mostly take place at night, due to the fact that waking up the morning is like pure torture. I TRY really hard to be a morning person… BUT.. I’m not! SOOOOO. Last night, I went to a somewhat new kickboxing class at the gym. I have taken this class 1 other time with this instructor. I knew that is was going to be a challenge, but I was up for it. I have been taking a lot of weight classes lately and I wanted a good cardio class. Well.. I barely made it out of there walking. Heather (the instructor) is crazy, in a good way! She isn’t a cheerleader/happy/jump-up-and-down kind of person. She is hard-core and means what she says. First this out of her mouth, “Don’t leave my class in the middle, it’s rude! Stick it out for the hour and don’t come back!”. Good lord! We started and within the first 15 minutes I knew this was going to be TOUGH. The front line was a bunch of regulars which is pretty norm for these classes. It was great though, because you could follow them and Heather was able to walk around the room and correct people or help people out! With about 20 minutes left of class, there was a girl behind me moving at about 25% of the rate she should. Heather yelled, “Look at you, how old are you? Let’s get moving!”. At that point I put all my pains and aches aside and went for it! I didn’t stop. I just kept going. Now there was 5 minutes left of class, I thought ok I made it right??!?! WRONG!! It was then time for jump squats. I’m a decent jump squatter. However, after 55 minutes of INTENSE cardio I didn’t have much left. I was on jump 2 and Heather comes over, stands behind me, and pushes me down after jumping up. I thought, Ok, I’ll give her a few more and she’ll walk away and I can breathe (aka slow down). Little did I know, Heather planned on sticking around for while. She NEVER left! She pushed me down another 23 times. I almost gave up towards the end, but she just kept saying, “Don’t stop now!”…. and so I didn’t! When the count was down to 1, I knew I could finish. In the end, it was the best experience ever! As we were cooling down and stretching out, Heather came to every person and tapped them on the back and said, “good job”! I think I have found my new favorite Tuesday night class 🙂

So long story short…when you think you are about to die, push, push a bit more, sometimes you can surprise yourself!


I had to include one photo. Look how cute this family is!!! Mom and Dad might want to pick a better spot for a walk next time.. but still pretty cute!

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